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  1. Seabasealpha1

    DTD Rainforest Cafe

    So what’s going on there? Are they holding out for this hotel thing or?
  2. Seabasealpha1

    What is this?

  3. Seabasealpha1

    Here’s to Hoot and Chief...

    So, lately there’s a lot of stuff flying around the web from all of these “urban explorers” breaking and venturing into forbidden areas and using the footage to gain subscribers on YouTube. Then recently we dealt with the “theft” of Buzzy...or whatever... (not gonna rehash it!) However this...
  4. Seabasealpha1

    Disneyland Dining plans?

    So, what ever happened to any kind of Dining plans at DL? I know we’d be interested if they’d offer one... or is it because of the lack of resort hotels/“resort experience”?
  5. Seabasealpha1

    Just gotta say it out loud...

    Hey DL peeps. Just want to say this out loud.... In the summer of 2017 we took Amtrak out to Disneyland… And after visiting Disneyland, I just got to say that I think Disneyland definitely, without a doubt,is indeed better than Magic Kingdom… And if California had an EPCOT... I honestly...
  6. Seabasealpha1

    Attraction Poster Dimensions

    Hey folks, I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place... Anyone know the dimensions of the attraction posters at the front of MK or DL or both? Have they changed over the years? Looking to add to the “library” in my house with some new wall art and there’s some very good reproductions out there...
  7. Seabasealpha1


    So... I know there are other places online to sort-of find this information, but I wanted to ask my forum people too. Basically, this summer we're going to pull an unexpected weekender at WDW...we're going to drive down from Indiana and we've decided that we'd like to camp at Fort Wilderness...
  8. Seabasealpha1

    The Quest...The Quest for Fun 2017

    Hey Folks! So, let me try to explain what we have going on here soon. Or rather what this post is about... I'm doing something with my family...something most would call...a tad crazy...but we're gonna do this here really soon... We'll start with a back story. I'm from Indiana. I love...
  9. Seabasealpha1


    Ok. Here's the short and skinny of it. I'm taking my pregnant wife and two kids (1 and 3) to Disneyland via Amtrak to Disneyland. I need to take a stroller. I'd prefer a double. But Amtrak has let me know that our great big double will not do. I'd like to take a double umbrella type or a...
  10. Seabasealpha1

    Fate of Main Street Electrical Parade

    So, maybe this belongs in the DL threads somewhere... But...what do you suppose the fate of the MSEP is after its run at DL? I've seen some of the enhancements and repairs they've done with the floats and equipment...and I can't help but wonder if everything will be destroyed or mothballed for...
  11. Seabasealpha1

    That Hat...What is it?

    So...this hat I'm talking about: What is it? History? Seems like they were common? Or no? Just need info...always have been curious about it. Thanks
  12. Seabasealpha1

    Ok...WITHOUT Getting Political...The Hall of Presidents Update

    So... Let's try this...very carefully...please, don't get too political...keep your affiliation and fervor outside the attraction's sake to yourself! What kinds of scenarios do we potentially see for the Hall of Presidents? Would they revert back to a show where Lincoln is the primary...
  13. Seabasealpha1

    Waterproof Maps: A Yearning I've Often Had..

    Anyone else wish the park maps were perhaps a little more "robust" in the way of waterproofing? I know I do. o_O
  14. Seabasealpha1

    Kick the Tires and Light the Spires!

    So, We all can clearly see (thank God! and WDWMagic!) that the hat is on the out at DHS. I'd like to start a place to discuss the Chinese Theatre and what kinds of things we might see done to the OUTSIDE and perhaps even some of...
  15. Seabasealpha1

    Is the clock ticking on the Leave a Legacy monoliths at Epcot?

    Well, I've taken it upon myself (foolishly? lol) to start this new thread. If it already exists, the forum snipers are more than welcome to take this one out! We've been off topic in the hat removal thread...mostly discussing the monoliths at Epcot that were part of the Leave a Legacy...
  16. Seabasealpha1

    What's in YOUR park bag?

    Just browsing around on here and gave some of my feelings on what to pack in your park bag, what kind of bag to carry, what NOT to carry...stuff like that...it got me to thinkin'... Everyone's different...but what do You carry with you when touring? Anything unique? Anything special? What kind...
  17. Seabasealpha1

    Okay, Experienced Parents...Talk to me!

    So, My kid isn't even hatched yet...I'm not even sure what we're having (I find out this Monday 10/21). I've read online where you can take babies (like, we'll call "baby" up to two years old here) with you to the parks... I'm shooting for October of '15...and I guess the question is...how do...
  18. Seabasealpha1

    To the Guy With The Scissors!

    So, I can't recall your name...but on August 18th 2012 I met you in the Emporium. I was shopping with my (then) girlfriend and had just purposely lost her somewhere in the store and you showed up with my mother beaming from ear to ear... your words were "Hi, I'm your new best friend!" You...
  19. Seabasealpha1

    Thought I read something about Maelstrom?

    Okay, forgive me if there's already a post about this somewhere. This is a good-sized forum and all... I thought I had read somewhere (on this site) that there was speculation or rumor that Maelstrom @ Epcot would be getting a "Frozen" overlay or re-do sometime in the future. Anyone have any...
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