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  1. Sam Magic

    Walt Disney Studios Park: Fixing Eisner's Folly

    Building A Better Studios Park or How to Fix Eisner's Folly First opened in 1989, Disney-MGM Studios Park at Disney World was an ambitious attempt to merge the magic of movie-making and Disney theme parks into one single experience. Tremendously popular from opening onwards, Disney's studio...
  2. Sam Magic

    WDWMAGIC 2015 New Years Day Celebration Thread

    Beinvenue! Welcome to the Big Easy, The City by the Dirty Dell, the Crescent City, welcome to our host city New Orleans WDWMagic for the Official Opening Ceremony of the 2015 TAFI Alliance Awards! New Orleans is one of America's cultural treasures. Situated at the mouth of the Mississippi...
  3. Sam Magic


    It's that time of year again! Time to nominate the best and greatest of this forum and the contributions people have made this year! Nonetheless we couldn't let the year close without the site's annual Christmas and New Year celebration of Imagineering talent. So, welcome ladies and gentlemen...
  4. Sam Magic

    Walt Lives: An Alternate History of the Walt Disney Company

    In the summer of 2015, I began writing an alternate history timeline for not only Walt Disney World, but for the Disney Company as a whole. This thread is dedicated to illustrating and detailing that timeline. It starts in 1966 and ends in 2020 (The in-universe 50th Anniversary of Disney World)...
  5. Sam Magic

    Unveiling the Sam Magic YouTube Channel

    Good evening friends of the imagineering forum, over the past week I have been working on a very exciting project and tonight I am very proud to unveil the Sam Magic YouTube Channel! This will be my personal channel and is dedicated to the forum and Disney fans everywhere. I will be posting...
  6. Sam Magic

    TAFI Alliance Awards Official Nomination Thread

    Good evening my fellow Imagineers, I am honored to be presiding over this years Alliance Awards or Dreamfinder Awards. As your host for the 2013-2014 Award Ceremony I am speaking with you today about a very important part of our ceremony. TAFI is a very open community, as a result the members...
  7. Sam Magic

    Fixer Upper: Walt Disney World Edition

    How do you fix a park? What do you fix? How do you fix it? And why do you fix it? You all know me as Sam and over the next few months I will be taking you all on my journey to fix the Walt Disney World Resort. I am a firm believer that Disney does not need any new parks in WDW until they can fix...
  8. Sam Magic

    The Gif Contest

    Step right up boys and girls it's time to see who the supreme emperor of gifs is! It doesn't matter how say it, but how you play it! Am I right? So the rules are real simple, essentially (other then this post) we must maintain an entire conversation ONLY through gifs. The moment someone uses...
  9. Sam Magic

    Imagineering the Past...Memoirs by Sam

    Over the past year this board has seen drama, friendship, struggle, success, and general change. For some here the events I will describe are completely unknown, but for some their wounds are still there. What I will reveal will most likely discredit my name here. I am doing it because you all...
  10. Sam Magic

    When Did You Join?

    Hey guys! Over the past few months a lot of people joined this forum and or started posting on this sub forum. In order to keep track of who is new and not just answer the poll above! Thanks, this will help when the summer competitions start taking place. -Yours Truly, Sam, ICS Representative
  11. Sam Magic

    Disney 2032: Challenge Sign-Up

    Welcome to the first of it's kind Project which will expand upon former ones but add new things to make this challenge enjoyable. How it works is easy: You and a team of people have THREE MONTHS to create what the International Olympic Committee calls a Bid Book. Now what will your bid book be...
  12. Sam Magic

    DLP: Walt Disney Studios Rehabilitation Master Plan

    This will be my Master Plan blog where I will post the evolution of a pet project of mine. This project is centered around redesigning Disneyland Paris' Walt Disney Studios park. Currently the park looks like a five your old collected a bunch of puzzles and mixed all the pieces together. I...
  13. Sam Magic

    'Frozen' attraction in the works?

    Many avid fans here know of the Snow Queen attraction planned for WDW in the late 70's an now with the success of Frozen could that idea be revived as a second phase to Fantasy land 2.0 (maybe placement in the speedway?) or an attraction for Disneyland? Any thoughts on this? Also for any...
  14. Sam Magic

    WDW Imagineering Tournament

    Four Teams! Four Challenges! One Victor! Welcome To: The WDWMagic Imagineering Tournament! With the epic conclusion of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” upon us, the time has come for the WDWmagic fall competition! After recent discusses with the main competition hosts I have...
  15. Sam Magic

    The WWOHP @ WDW

    This thread is a what if thread and my take on what could have been. During the early 2000 there were multiple attempts for Disney to get Potter. The first were the film rights, followed by the proposed acquisition of Scholastic, and it ended with the failed attempt at park rights. The #1/2...
  16. Sam Magic

    Cars land alternative

    Many Disney fans are expecting for a Carsland copy to be placed in DHS, but what if the land was based off the new Cars spin off Planes?
  17. Sam Magic

    WDW Monorail design contest

    I really need your help in creating new monorails for my WDW masterplan. Note that it will be going through my Tomorrowland and a new EPCOT so must be futuristic. The reason I want the monorails to be redesigned is the fact that they are too "outdated" in a way. I believe that a sleeker design...
  18. Sam Magic

    Coming Soon...Tomorrowland 2.0

    for now just a picture of whats to come: A video will be posted on my new YouTube channel soon.
  19. Sam Magic

    The World of Doctor Who

    The World of Doctor Who is a mini land I have been designing for a few weeks now. While the land is relatively small it portrays a great Doctor Who area that any whovian would enjoy. Upon entering the land guest will see what looks like a regular London city square until they look through the...
  20. Sam Magic

    Middle Earth theme park at Universal

    According to Hypable Universal and the Tolkien family are in talks to create a Hobbit, LTR , and Middle Earth land at Universal Orlando. While I know this could be un-true it does seem like Uni to do. If this goes through Disney will be crushed, Disney needs to make a comeback because Avatar...
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