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  1. rlaeromech

    Upgrading tickets

    So, on our last trip we went with a military family. So 3 of our tickets are military special. The 4th ticket we bought a 4 day FL resident ticket with water parks for $230. The cast member said we could upgrade that ticket to a FL res seasonal pass any time in the next 6 months. Can this be...
  2. rlaeromech

    Trip planning Labor Day weekend

    Planning a trip from SAt Aug 31 to the following Sat. We will travel on Saturdays so available park days will be Sunday thru Friday. My question is what to expect over the labor day weekend, specifically Sunday and Monday. Also how does the rest of the week typically look? The reason for...
  3. rlaeromech

    Smoke in the area?

    Any recent reports of smoke from fires in the parks? Heading down there tomorrow and saw a news report about fog and smoke off I-75 in gainseville. Hope its not at the parks. Had that happen one year at AK and it was not pleasant.
  4. rlaeromech

    Monorail Cab Question

    Has anyone been able to see, take a photo, peak in, do anything involving the monorail cab section since the accident? Was hoping to get a picture of someone in the cab. Is there a strict no guest in the cab policy, even when stopped? Just for a pic? Thanks,
  5. rlaeromech

    Shirts at Typhoon Lagoon

    What is the policy for wearing shirts (Male) at typoon lagoon. I and my 4 year old son do NOT want to burn. Can they be worn on a slide? Thanks!
  6. rlaeromech

    Best place to "settle" in Typhoon Lagoon with a Toddler

    We are going to Typhoon Lagoon and my two youngest boys are 20 months and 5 years. They will hang out alot in the kids area. What's the best place to "claim" a chair, park the stroller and cooler, etc etc... Thanks, Rick
  7. rlaeromech

    adding water park to a FL res season pass

    Hi, trying to decide wether to get the FL resident season or the 4 day play with water parks and more. Going for 5 days (5 full park days) in May. 4 main parks and 1 day at Typhoon lagoon. Ticket is $166 each. Or.... get the FL resident season pass in case we are down in the area...
  8. rlaeromech

    Play areas for toddlers in parks

    I've been to WDW a few times, but haven't been in 2 1/2 years. What I'm asking for is your favorite areas that you can let a 20 month old just run free and play. For instance there used to be some fountains in Epcot by Mission Space. Is that still there? What other areas in other parks...
  9. rlaeromech

    Florida Residents Discount and Military Discounts?

    Hi, I haven't been on here in a while, can anyone tell me if there are any plans to update the Florida Resident Discount in 2012. Will they still offer the 3 day pass? Any word on a 4 day pass? How about the Military discount? Will that still be valid in Feb 2012? Thanks!
  10. rlaeromech

    Military Discount Ticket Upgrade Question

    I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times....... If I buy 6 military 4 day tickets at $138 each, can I upgrade them to a six day pass and what's the difference in $$. How do they figure the difference? Is it. a. 6 day ticket - $138 = cost of upgrade or b. 6 day ticket - 4 day ticket...
  11. rlaeromech

    Video from TTA and Skyway demo.

    My cousin is at Magic today and took these from his phone and asked me to post them here. He is Degunter. Rick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDOZ26QcwEg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGGszOHKL_s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXSWIT5-Vmc
  12. rlaeromech

    multi day ticket with birthday free ticket???

    I have registered my daughter for her birthday as we will be down there during her actual birth date. We are planning on buying 5 day passes for everyone? How does that work with her birthday free ticket? We start parks on Monday and her Birthday is not till Wednesday and we are staying till...
  13. rlaeromech

    What park on Halloween

    We will down the week prior to Halloween and our last day is on Halloween. We are not doing the MNSSHP so what are the crowd levels like in the other parks on this day? Is this a really busy day?
  14. rlaeromech

    Congratulations Mpoppins76

    Congrats on becoming a mommy! Wishing you, your husband and new baby boy the best!
  15. rlaeromech

    scooter rentals

    I know there are many that don't like these scooters in the parks but my dad is going to try to go with us this year and he has stage 4 cancer and can't get around well. He wouldn't last 2 hours on his feet. Does anyone know how you rent these scooters and about how much they cost. Thanks, I...
  16. rlaeromech

    vacation homes help

    We typically stay in Windsor Hills and we have loved it in the past. I want to know what else is out there that is similar to this. Resort type complex with houses. We need 4 bedrooms as we have 8 adults and 2 kids. What else is out there that is good? Thanks!
  17. rlaeromech

    trick to Universal? no fast pass!

    Hey all, I'm helping a family with their first trip to WDW and Univ. I'm ok with guiding them through the world but not with Universal. Are there any tips to avoiding lines at Universal? Example: At wdw, you can: get there early use fast pass baby swap go to certain areas at certain times of...
  18. rlaeromech

    Military Special... question

    I am helping some friends plan a family trip. The husband is active military and would qualify for the tickets. The only problem is he is... "on call" almost all the time, so although they can plan, there is always a chance he may have to up and go at a moments notice. How does that affect...
  19. rlaeromech

    question about upgrading tickets

    I bought a 4 day pass during the FL resident sale that ended on February 29th. I paid $125 per ticket. No park hopper. We are considering adding a day to the ticket and making it a 5 day. I know WDW will allow me to do this. My question is will I pay the difference from the sale price or...
  20. rlaeromech

    Ways to make a ride different

    What I mean.. take an attraction you have done quite a few times and what do you do to make it different. For Instance. While on SM, my cousin looks back as we are at the top of the lift and suddenly says, Hey, lets try looking at the top the entire way down. Which we both tried to do. It...
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