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  1. mouselvrmom

    Add reservation to my WDW account

    I was told when I couldn't do online check in that they are having problems with the site. It's possible that there is just some sort of a bug.
  2. mouselvrmom

    T Minus.................

    Have fun!!! 2 more days for me!!
  3. mouselvrmom

    July 4th Food At WDW.!

    Pretty much our plan as well, minus the BBQ. We have ressies at Coral Reef.
  4. mouselvrmom

    Epcot on the 4th...what QS should we eat?

    The last time we were in Epcot for the 4th, we ate our QS at China. I'm not sure what we will do this year. I do love Sunshine Seasons, but I'm guessing we will be in WS during lunch time. Maybe Mexico.
  5. mouselvrmom

    If you could celebrate your birthday in the World, how would you do it?

    I'm celebrating my birthday in the world this year as well. And I am having lunch at Le Cellier as well. I guess great minds think alike! LOL
  6. mouselvrmom

    Epcot International Gateway Entrance

    I love entering through the International Gateway! I know I'm weird... Last trip we had early reservations at Akershus, so we drove to the Boardwalk from OKW and walked to the International Gateway. I just really wanted to take some pictures of the countries without anyone in them. I felt it was...
  7. mouselvrmom

    OKW- Reviews

    I absolutely love OKW. It may be my favorite DVC property! We get a two bedroom because there are 6 of us, but he studios are really large. Much bigger than any other resort. There are 2 beds in there instead of the pull out, and the closet is large. I once found my kids playing in there. It...
  8. mouselvrmom

    Which Park For July 4th Celebrations!

    We're doing Epcot. I love the Voices of Liberty, and I want to see the characters dressed up.
  9. mouselvrmom

    BLT- Reviews

    I think they fixed the doors after our stay so that they did lock. I remember hearing something about that. But he still does not like the idea of glass in the door. LOL
  10. mouselvrmom

    BLT- Reviews

    We have stayed once. I absolutely loved it! The theming was fabulous. We had a bay lake view, and the view was breathtaking. My kids really loved the artwork on the walls. My oldest said that it was acceptable Disney work. They had mickey heads that she thought were cool enough to actually be in...
  11. mouselvrmom

    BoardWalk Bakery

    Mmm. Those look delicious. My kids can't wait to try one!
  12. mouselvrmom

    Garden Grill

    We really liked it! The food was good. I know I'm strange, but I really loved the butter that they serve for the bread. Yummy! The characters were great and came around multiple times. We had such fun!
  13. mouselvrmom

    Your Kids and The Barnstormer

    I think it just depends on the child. My youngest rode as soon as she was able and is the only one of my four kids to regularly want to ride ToT with me. Now my oldest, when she was 5 my dad talked her into riding BTMRR with him while I was pregnant. He told her it was a train ride and she came...
  14. mouselvrmom

    Restaurant Marrakesh - opinions?

    I like the ambience and the show, but I'm a bit of a picky eater and the only thing that I will eat on the menu is the kabobs. I do like the rice as well. The kids just aren't thrilled with the menu choices. We haven't been in awhile because there are lots of other places that they would rather...
  15. mouselvrmom

    18 month old on a plane

    When we have taken our daughter at that age, we brought lots and lots of snacks. She ended up with a pack of lifesavers that took her a good half hour to unwrap and eat. It kept her busy. She might have been closer to 2, now that I'm thinking about it, she was probably 23 months. We brought a...
  16. mouselvrmom

    Pizzafari vs. Flame Tree Barbecue

    We actually didn't like Flame Tree at all. It must just be a matter of personal choice, but I do not like my food burned at all, and it was burned and dried out. Not good at all! I had chicken, I think my daughter had the ribs.
  17. mouselvrmom

    Crystal Palace character breakfast

    I am a huge fan of CP, more for the setting than the characters or food. The light in there is just so beautiful! There are so many windows that let in a lot of light, and I just love the ambience in there. It is a must do for us each trip. Although we usually go for an early dinner.
  18. mouselvrmom

    Where should we spend one night?

    We drove down in 2011. We had reservations at OKW on July 4th, but decided we wanted to be down on the 3rd to see the fireworks the day before. So we reserved a night at the Holiday Inn (used to be the Sunspree). We didn't care much about the room, we just wanted a place to stay relatively...
  19. mouselvrmom

    Epcot Table Service Restaurants

    I'm not sure exactly, but Feb 2013 was when I was there and was told no more potatoes. I know that the menu had changed sometime before that though.
  20. mouselvrmom

    Epcot Table Service Restaurants

    Yea, I asked in February if they still had them since they were not on the menu. I was told no. The did offer me this other potato layered thing...NOT good. It was a sad day, but the filet, pretzel bread, and crème brulee was still to die for.
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