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    DCL vs. RCl info

    Family of 5 with kids 19/17/17 next year. Looking at comparisons for RCL vs DCL. We have on 5 DCL cruises (loved each one) On DCL always had verandah room. How are RCL rooms configured, comparison of space, bathrooms, etc. Also, how many things on RCL are not included as opposed to DCL...
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    How to use old magic bands

    What is the procedure to use and activate old magic bands for a new trip? Do they just work or do you have to activate them someway. I can't find a place to link it Thanks mikewdw
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    Shoes for water parks

    Which shoes would you recommend for water parks? Dont want to spend a lot but I need them as I have tender feet. thanks mikewdw
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    which resort for 5?

    which resort recommendation for us? we are 5. kids 15, 13, 13. trying pick between BC villa`WL villa (boulder) or Contempary garden wing We have stayed in WL villa before and also BC main building and Contempary main building any pros or cons to BC villa or garden wing that we may not know...
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    Favorite kids activities

    Planning 5th cruise and our kids have always loved to just stay around pool. Besides detective agency, what activities, especially edge and oceaneers, have your kids liked? Ours will be 14 and 12 thanks mikewdw
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    CC 5K question

    What are the nuts and bolts of how the morning goes for the race? My wife and i are considering running it. Our kids are 14 and 12. Do people go back to ship to get stuff for day at CC or do they bring and drop stuff somewhere? Is course straight line or double back on itself? I thought i...
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    Is Disney Springs worth driving down a day early?

    Haven't been to Disney Springs since they began reimagining it from Downtown Disney. We are planning on starting our onsite stay on Sunday in late may. Had originally planned on driving down Sunday leaving very, very, early in AM. Is DS worth driving down day early on Sat. and spending extra...
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    Clean cheap hotel for one night stay

    looking for hotel for one night. really want clean and cheap, not worried about much else. Planning on driving down and going Disney Springs for the evening then going onsite for rest of stay. any info appreciated mikewdw
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    Palo brunch on 5 night cruise

    How many times will palo serve brunch on a 5 night cruise? Thanks mikewdw
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    Visiting Atlantis from cruise allowed?

    Planning cruise early june. When in Nassau can you just go over to Atlantis and look around and visit or must you book some kind of excursion there? curious about the resort thanks mikewdw
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    Thoughts on Disney Springs hotels having Magic Hours privileges?

    Wondered about opinions on this topic and also reasons why Disney would allow this option for non Disney Hotels? mikewdw
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    suggestions for port excursions in Tortola & St. John's, St. Thomas

    any info/suggestions/experiences for port excursions in Tortola & St. John's, St. Thomas we are planning on next summer and trying to plan port adventures. any info appreciated thanks mikewdw
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    Price comparison DCL vs. other lines

    just thinking of trying a different line than DCL if we could find one for a good savings our situation is 5 people, 2 adults, 3kids (14, 12, 12) . We really can only go for about 7-10 days in late may or early june(both teachers) its difficult trying to price it on other websites with 5...
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    first trip to Aulani, info/tips needed

    couldn't find the Aulani forum so tried it here planning our first trip to Aulani this summer. basically we have always just gone to WDW (live in AL so easy drive and we love it) but now trying to get it all planned. we are 2 adults, 3 children 13, 11,11 with 5 days there any tips/info, do's...
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    No Fireworks?

    I just check this site for park hours for week of Dec. 17 and it said no fire works for the week at Epcot whats is going on about that? is it correct? any info appreciated mikewdw
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    tell me about Aulani

    we have been WDW for numerous trips and have now done DCL 4 trips so my wife is now interested in Aulani. Since this a fairly big difference for us, especially getting there (live in AL) really need to determine if worth it. we are 5 , kids 12, 10 10. we know it will be beautiful and well run...
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    Port Canaveral parking question

    planning on using cruise terminal parking for upcoming cruise, which parking area, what is procedure for luggage and then parking. any one better than another? do we need reserve spot? have only done hotel parking before and taken shuttle. trying to get whole process down before since we...
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    Planning first DL trip

    thinking of driving to Disney Land next summer (from alabama) with kids, sort of see the country thing before they get to old. anyone have tips on how/what to do Disneyland? been WDW 20+times so would be totally new experience for us. any info/advice appreciated thanks mikewdw
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    Thinking of Disneyland next summer, tips, info, etc

    thinking of driving to Disney Land next summer with kids, sort of see the country thing before they get to old. anyone have tips on how/what to do Disneyland? been WDW 20+times so would be totally new experience for us. any info/advice appreciated thanks mikewdw
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    ap question

    we are planning on arriving tomorrow afternoon. we have renewed our AP but the anniversary date is tomorrow also. will we be able to get new discount card at resort? will Magic Band already have renewal on it or will we have to see customer service about that also? thanks mikewdw
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