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  1. s.ollie

    So excited, Just have to Share!

    Im so excited about this i just want to shout it out, but seen as it is a surprise for my other half, I'm going to have to just shout it out here, I GOT A CABANA!!! number 9 to be precise for our November cruise. This was the main thing i wanted to experience on this cruise so i am super excited...
  2. s.ollie

    Help!!!!! kinda an emergency

    Ive just got to my resort after a 10 hour flight to realise ive forgotten my luggage tags for our cruise on friday, Im so mad at myself for letting something like that slip through the crack!!!! so all you experienced cruiser help please, where do i go from here??? It would be impossible to...
  3. s.ollie

    Tolls from DisneyWorld to Port Canaveral

    How many and how much? :happy:
  4. s.ollie

    ID for adult only areas?

    Ok so I'm 29 but can easily pass for 17/18 and my Bf is 26 (yep I'm a cougar) and looks younger than that, so I'm pretty sure at some stage on our cruise someone will question our eligibility to be in adult only areas wether it be the Quiet Cove or Serenity bay. So I'm just wondering about ID...
  5. s.ollie

    Proof of Age.... just an idea

    So this is my 8th visit since I've been 21. Although I'm not a big drinker i do enjoy the odd tipple. However my problem is although I'm hitting 29 I can easily pass for 18 (especially if I'm dressed casually, like i would most days in the parks) so I have to carry photo I.D with me at all...
  6. s.ollie

    Your Number 1 Must Eat Restaurant???

    Im looking for the ones that fly under the radar, One you go to every visit that never lets you down but you don't really hear people talking about it.
  7. s.ollie

    September hours?

    I keep checking to see when septembers hours are released, I figure it has to be soon, Anyone any ideas when they will be?
  8. s.ollie

    Resort to Cruise Transportation

    Originally i booked a resort stay from 31st aug to sept 14 2013 through the DisneyInternational website, however after some really amazing Disney cruise trip reports i started looking into adding a cruise to our stay aswell. So tonight (at Midnight) I took the plunge and booked a 3 night bahama...
  9. s.ollie

    Stores in Closer Proximity to Walt Disney World???

    Being a foreign visitor to the wonderful land of America and even more wonderful area of Walt Disney World it takes me a while to get my bearings and establish my surroundings. On previous visits i have stayed in hotels on international drive (4 occasions) and feel quite at ease in finding...
  10. s.ollie

    Fantasmic Dining Booking???

    On the online reservation system it will allow you to make a ADR for fantasmic dining event up to the end of august. Does anyone know when the dates will be available for october ??? I'm 5 days away from my 180days and am all set to plan the hell out off my dining reservations but i dont want...
  11. s.ollie

    Best Music/Sounds of WDW Albums??

    so i read a lot on the forum of people playing the Park music on i-pods in the gym or in their cars when their driving and it helps them get through the day/days/weeks/months till their next visit. well im in desperate need of said HELP..... 233 days is a lonnnnnggggg time till im standing on...
  12. s.ollie

    What Would You Give.......???

    Just for fun, What would you give up/ sacrifice to be physically at walt disney world right now???? For example: *your right arm *your first born *your granny/grandmother *a million dollars/euro/pound etc ( technically if thats true, you could just pay to go there and while your at it you...
  13. s.ollie

    How easy..... to upgrade resorts???

    This probably will come across as a stupid/dorky question to all you disney veterans on the forum but i need to re-assure myself so im gonna ask anyway......:shrug: So im in the process of planning my family vac for october this year, it will be me, my folks and my niece and nephew. i'm...
  14. s.ollie

    Worried about Oct 1st

    This year i was planning on visiting on oct 1st to oct 12th. but i've just recently discovered oct 1st is the official celebration day for WDW 40th (i could be wrong here feel free to steer me right) I choose oct last year and this year due to low crowds and am now concerned that's out of the...
  15. s.ollie

    Problem uploading photos

    I don't seem to be able to upload photo's to my album anymore, i keep getting an error message telling me my security key is missing, this has never happened previously. Can anyone shed some light on the situation please????
  16. s.ollie

    All Star Music or Pop

    So im offically returned from thw world one month :( its very sad and depressin especially with christmas and hectic work schedule looming on the horizon. (i work in retail, Christmas is a nightmare in my job) anyway, the plan was to take a break from holidays in walt disney world and take the...
  17. s.ollie

    Sending Fax to Pop Century

    So I'm 8 days away from the world and I'm preparing to send a room request fax to pop. i have the fax number and the area code and i was just wondering if anyone has done this internationally (from UK or Ireland) and can help with the exact international dialling fax code??? Ive been told to...
  18. s.ollie

    Pop...... Internet Access

    I'm not planning on bring my laptop away with me but i know I'll need to get online at least once when I'm at the world. Does anyone know if pop as a public computer or anywhere in WDW that does?
  19. s.ollie

    Mickeys Grand Welcome

    So this year will be my Niece and Nephew first visit to the world (3 & 8) and im looking to do mickeys grand welcome in room celebration for them for when we arrive. I was wondering if anyone has done this before and what your opinion is on this as an experience??? And if anyone has a ballpark...
  20. s.ollie

    Clear the Road...... Seriously..... Im driving

    Heading to the World for my next trip Oct/Nov, We just booked a rental car ( i say car but its a 7 seat-er beast) and my wonderful father insists that this year i shall be sharing the driving responsibility :hammer:(don't ask me why), Ive been driving for quite a few years but....... this will...
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