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  1. Spash007

    Pre-Trip We’re going to have the hap-, hap-, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby…you know the rest

    That’s right, because we’re going back to Disney World! Our last trip was in August 2020. AKA in the middle of a pandemic, yet with no crowds since who would go to a tourist destination? Besides us, apparently next to no one. Maybe we are the jolliest group of you know whats that should be in...
  2. Spash007

    Multiple DAS per party

    I tried to search this and haven't found an answer. But I was wondering has anyone had a DAS tied to multiple people in their party. My daughter and I both qualify, and I'm wondering if I could get DAS on both of our accounts so that she can go on a ride without me, or I can without her. I am...
  3. Spash007

    Disney Springs Hotels

    We’re looking at adding a night before our February stay, and are thinking of the Disney Springs hotels. Just two adults, planning on walking to DS if possible. We’re looking at either the Wyndham or Drury Plaza. Drury is a bit less expensive and has a King room, but Wyndham is closer and...
  4. Spash007

    Pre-Trip We just couldn't resist the crowds (or lack there of!) - *Live-ish*

    We are planners, I swear we are. I remember one time pre-kids, pre-marriage we got up and thought "let's be crazy and go to a basketball game", and that was spontaneous for us. But this is going to take the cake: More details to come (as we figure them out!)
  5. Spash007

    CBR vs Coronado

    We’re in the process of re-booking our late April trip, and looking for Halloween weekend. We’re down to a standard room at Coronado or a 5th sleeper at CBR (only room type currently available). Two adults, 5 year old daughter and 1 year old son, who will need a pack and play. Will a pack and...
  6. Spash007

    Trip Report It's been so long... A belated September 2017 TR

    With our April trip delayed, and needing a bit of escape, I figured I would post a belated report of our daughter C's first trip back in 2017! First a little background - I grew up going to Disney every other, if not every, year with my family. While my folks have tons of photo albums filled...
  7. Spash007

    Pre-Trip The flights made me do it...

    I can't believe I'm actually starting a new pre-trip thread this year. After our last trip in December 2018 (trip report here), we swore our next trip wouldn't be until 2021. Many reasons for that decision, but a lot had to do with this little guy, who is now 10 months: Going with a baby...
  8. Spash007

    News Christopher Robin's bedroom coming to UK

    Not sure if this warrants it's own thread, but I haven't seen this mentioned on here. On the Epcot Character Spot page on the Disney World website, there's the discussion of the new spots to meet characters. The last bullet mentions Pooh will be returning to UK, in "Christopher Robin's...
  9. Spash007

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* No bouche for you! But do you want to build a snowman?

    Hello all! We've been back for almost two weeks now, and while the holidays are still winding down, I still wish I was back in Disney so I figured I'd get this TR started! First the intros - Who: Myself (Frank), my wife K, and our 4 year old princess C. This would be our second trip as a...
  10. Spash007

    Limited Room Requests

    Wanted to see if anyone else ran into this. I was just doing online check in for my upcoming star at CBR, and for requests, there were only three available options: Martinique, Corner Room, Near Transportation. No ground floor request, and none of the other villages were available...
  11. Spash007

    Jamaica vs Aruba at CBR

    We have a trip coming up (surprisingly fast) in December, and we'll be staying in CBR. We have a standard room (2 queens), and we're also going to be traveling with my in-laws who have a King room. I'm thinking of requesting nearby rooms in Aruba or Jamaica, but am torn because it looks like...
  12. Spash007

    Pre-Trip When "we could always cancel" turns into a very merry acronym filled Christmas!

    Hey everyone! After being a long time stalker peruser of these forums and occasional commenter, I figured I would give this a shot. I enjoy all of your trip reports, and while I'll admit this could get overwhelming, I figured what's the worse that'll happen? I don't think there's a punishment...
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