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  1. Horizonsfan

    Train Station Update

    Quick update on the Fantasyland Train Station. They've got it partially painted and textured: And for good measure a bonus pic of the Great Goofini:
  2. Horizonsfan

    WDW Trip Report: 12/18 -12/25

    Been wanting to do this since I got down here, finally have the time this morning. Just some quick observations on the parks: MK - 12/18 - Monorail broke down at Poly. Not the best way for newbies to experience WDW. Luckily they got it up and running about 10 minutes later - MSUSA looks really...
  3. Horizonsfan

    New Mural on Backlot Tour

    Hey everybody. Sorry if this has been posted before but, on the Backlot Tour it appears they are/were working on another large scale mural. It appeared to be a wintery snowy landscape Based on what I saw today, I'd venture to guess its for Be Our Guest Here's a quick pic (sorry for the...
  4. Horizonsfan

    Cobwebs on SSE

    Was at Epcot today and noticed that SSE could use a good dusting: This was taken from under in the queue and not the only area that had them. Has anyone else noticed this? I've never seen it before. Not sure what's up with exterior SSE maintainence lately, but between the black spots a...
  5. Horizonsfan

    Waterfall on DAK's Rainforest Cafe?

    I noticed recently on Google Earth that the waterfall structure was completely missing (along with the piping to it) from the roof of DAK's Rainforest Cafe. Does anyone know the reason for the complete removal? I remember when I first visited in 2000 that the waterfall was quite striking...
  6. Horizonsfan

    Fastpass in the new Fantasyland

    This has been bugging me for a while ever since first looking at the FL blueprint. Has anyone else noticed that there are no places designated for Pooh and TLM:AA? They still have clearly designated stand-by and FP lines but no distribution locations. I'm not sure why our TLM omni even is...
  7. Horizonsfan

    World News with Horizonsfan

    Hey Everyone, I'll be updating this through out the week with pictures from around Disney World. Check back in for updates. I'll try to also edit the OP so you don't have to search the whole thread. EDIT - May 30: The final update for my trip is up. May 24, 2009 - DHS Here's the pics...
  8. Horizonsfan

    How do you help a trouble-stricken family get to the WDW?

    Okay, I know I don't post on here that much but, I have a big question for our awesome fan community. How do you send a family with a terminally ill father to the world? I've tried to find a charity group but, have been unsuccessful. To elaborate, a local family around here (in Desoto, Kansas)...
  9. Horizonsfan

    Greetings from an extremely long time lurker!

    Hello fellow board members, I really look forward to being a part of this wonderful community. I've lurked on this website since '01 but finally today decided to "get in the game". You might of seen me on other websites by the user name of Horizonsfan92. Thanks to the many wonderful...
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