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  1. Grumpy06

    its there any disney hotel with rooms for 1 person?

    Not sure what your price point is but the Riviera has the tower rooms which sleep only two,a Murphy bed which comes down and covers the couch with a small balcony
  2. Grumpy06

    Family of 4 but kids don't want to sleep in same bed

    Try Saratoga Springs 1 Bedroom living room has a Murphy bed and a pull down bed under the tv
  3. Grumpy06

    Disney Pools

    Does anyone know if all Disney pools are saltwater
  4. Grumpy06

    Upcoming pool refurbishments at Disney's Saratoga Springs (October 2022)

    We were at Grandstand last week of March when it opened back up one of the pool attendants told me that they were going to redo the congress park pool and enlarge the seating and lounging area,s a complete redo
  5. Grumpy06

    Saratoga Spa

    I’m pretty sure our dues went into the spa and if Disney removed a resort amenities I would think our due’s would drop shame they keep taking away and not enhancing experience agree with previous poster will need to change name
  6. Grumpy06

    Grandstand Pool

    Has anyone heard if the Grandstand pool refurbishment is done yet or on time to be finished by mid March
  7. Grumpy06


    Thanks to both for the spot,s
  8. Grumpy06


    Arriving 3/26 late in the afternoon were is the best place to get Sushi without having to make a reservation
  9. Grumpy06

    Teppan edo menu

    Great Thanks
  10. Grumpy06

    Teppan edo menu

    Does any know if they are serving from hibachi
  11. Grumpy06


    I have to agree,every year lately you see less and less of the parade and the parks and more people just perfoming and don’t know about any one else but I don’t even know who half of them are. we also couldn’t wait to be there for the Oct 1 celebration but truly the only thing that seemed...
  12. Grumpy06

    So if you were there yesterday for the 50th, what did you think?

    Agreed while they were standing handing out the maps all day they could have had someone standing there next to them handing out events and special happenings flyers
  13. Grumpy06

    Resort Televisions

    We just got home from SSR and we had Samsung
  14. Grumpy06

    So if you were there yesterday for the 50th, what did you think?

    Yes we were there most of the day and supposedly it was sent to My Disney Experience except Disney WiFi didn’t work all day so we didn’t know either,but if y were in a queue to buy merchandise you new when it was your turn
  15. Grumpy06

    So if you were there yesterday for the 50th, what did you think?

    I am sorry if I mislead you but never mentioned Disney owed us anything we spent the week before the celebration in the world and there was never any mention in any of the parks as what was comming for the celebration how it would work or anything special. We asked numerous cast members and read...
  16. Grumpy06

    So if you were there yesterday for the 50th, what did you think?

    I have to agree with the OP we have been planning this trip and excited that we were going to be there for the 50th, we arrived last Saturday and spent the whole week getting home a couple hours ago we did have a great time but didnt see much hype all week about the 1st. It did also seem to us...
  17. Grumpy06

    October 1st

    Have park reservations for the 1st for the celebration,planning on going for rope drop and leaving to relax at resort in the afternoon and going back in later in the afternoon,are they going to let us back in without problem or will we have to stay all day and not leave any advice would be...
  18. Grumpy06

    Grocery Delivery

    Can anyone tell us if Garden Grocery is still delivering to resort’s we haven’t been in two years and are staying at SSR in fall for October 1st celebration
  19. Grumpy06

    Another park reservation question

    Enjoy your Resort,you will enjoy and need a relaxing break by then
  20. Grumpy06

    Disney Character Store orlando

    anyone ever been to the store,s and which one is better than the other if there is one planning a trip in october
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