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  1. pilka214

    Fingers crossed. Just had my DCL audition!

    Just wrapped up my audition to be an entertainment host with DCL. The audition/interview went very well in opinion and I have really high hopes for this job. Hopefully I'll hear back in the next week! Just had to tell everyone
  2. pilka214

    Great movie ride question

    Hey guys, Quick question to resolve a family dispute. Since the TCM partnership the end video clip has been updated, but I swear I've ridden it since that update and never noticed a guardians of the galaxy snippet. Was this clip added with the initial refurbishment or added at a later date?
  3. pilka214

    What's the deal with Ariel?

    So I popped into MK last night and happened to find myself on The Little Mermaid, which from it's conception hasn't won me over. But last night 3 or 4 of the major animatronics were just not working. First Scuttle, which i believe i've seen work once (ap preview), followed by the next two...
  4. pilka214

    Walt Disney Realm- A British fantasy world concept

    Hey guys, haven't been around In a while, but stumbled on something cool today. Idk about its authenticity but the idea of it sounds very innovative and plausible. To be built in England. http://i.imgur.com/FH24D5h.jpg I know it seems to be someone's concept drawing, but the concept of a...
  5. pilka214

    Newly developed Disney tech! With video!

    Hey guys, Saw this amazing article and video on the gadget blog Gizmodo (link below) It shows off some fascinating things Disney is working on, and how theyre still a leader in entertainment technology! I can't wait to see the way they could apply this in new interactive attractions! Hope...
  6. pilka214

    attendance next monday

    Question for all who know this time of the year well. i often don't get to make it to WDW this time of year but i will be orlando for a theater festival and decided to go w/ a few friends to MK on monday. and I was just curious as to how the crowds normally are this coming week.
  7. pilka214

    new disney game, codename "epic mickey"??

    while stumbling through webpages on the internet on stumbleupon i saw a link with a picture that looked like a large barge like thing with the earful tower on it... so reading the name it said "epic mickey" so i had to check it out. what this apparently is, is concept art for a proposed new...
  8. pilka214

    AP 2009 perks??

    So i've been looking aqround trying to find any change to my AP perks for this coming year and i have been unable to find them. Also they have yet to release booklets for them, and i heard from some CMs that they may not be making them this year. So does anyone know where i can find the new...
  9. pilka214

    Towel in the water!!!!

    So this is a story followed by a question, a few of my friends made a bday trip today for one of our friends. they went to AK MK and DHS, so while at DHS they went to the backlot tour, and were selected to be in the pearl harbor water special effects scene.... well they give you specific...
  10. pilka214

    Is HHN lacking this year??

    i just returned from my annual trip to HHN last night. i go every year and have been doing so for the past 4 years or so. and it was enjoyable as usual. however, it seemed that all the scarezones were incredibly lacking in set. a couple had a few nice pieces but some like "asylum in wonderland"...
  11. pilka214

    need ur opinion on HHN

    so i neglected to go yet..... which is a huge mistake on my part. however i was unable to find people to come with on various nights i attempted to go.... and i was lookin to you all for your opinions. will Nov. 1 be crowded, understood it's a saturday, but does it clear out after halloween...
  12. pilka214

    weird sighting at fair?

    so i know this has been delayed, i just recently came across the picture again. back in, i believe it was March. i was at a fair called the strawberry festival, it takes place in plant city, outside of tampa. and while going around trying to find a ride i came across a large inflatable haunted...
  13. pilka214

    for my gf's 18th

    so my girlfriend, of now 8 months, is turning 18 in october. so i decided to do something really nice and take her for a weekend at disney.... so i booked two nights at the Pop Century resort, am going to get her a two day ticket, we're goin to MK and leavin around 7 since it's mnsshp, and i...
  14. pilka214

    Directive Seating?

    a few of my family members visited the parks last week for my aunt's 50th, and they went to pecos bill, and were directed to there seats. they had to say how many were in their party, and they had to have ordered food from that specific establishments (pinnochio's was doin it to). now i was just...
  15. pilka214

    Night Kingdom?

    ok so i've heard stuff about the night kingdom for a couple years, all rumors, but while looking around on screamscape.net (which i believe to be a fairly reliable source) there is apparently land being cleared near AK for Disney's night kingdom. now idk what to believe, so i turn to u guys...
  16. pilka214

    Music from spectromagic parade

    ok so i was on itunes gettin some info for some music, and i was trying to get some info on the band "They might be giants" and i came across a song from a disney archives album called baroque hoedown.... so i gave it a listen and it sounds like the song used in the spectromagic parade.... i...
  17. pilka214

    Innoventions Comedy Show

    i'm sorry if this has been posted yet or not, i looked around and didn't see anything. according to an apparently recently hired actor i know, they are setting up a improv. comedy show, going into the now under construction section of innoventions. apparently this is part of a major revamp...
  18. pilka214

    life size Walt

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Walt-Disney-Effigy-Life-Size-Museum-Wax-Figure-LE-of-1_W0QQitemZ150007035107QQihZ005QQcategoryZ790QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem on ebay a very real looking wax figure of Walt Disney is on auction. only 5 hours 15 mins. left. make your bid.
  19. pilka214

    Everest muesum questions

    ok well while waiting in the que line for E:E i was looking at some of the things in the everest muesum. and under the exhibit of the lost expidition, there ar pics of a yeti like kinda blurry, and it said that they were recovered from the site. now i couldnt tell if they were photoshop pics, or...
  20. pilka214

    E:E passholder weekend

    Wonderin if any official announcments on the passholder preview for E:E.
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