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  1. Grumpy06

    Disney Pools

    Does anyone know if all Disney pools are saltwater
  2. Grumpy06

    Grandstand Pool

    Has anyone heard if the Grandstand pool refurbishment is done yet or on time to be finished by mid March
  3. Grumpy06


    Arriving 3/26 late in the afternoon were is the best place to get Sushi without having to make a reservation
  4. Grumpy06

    Teppan edo menu

    Does any know if they are serving from hibachi
  5. Grumpy06

    October 1st

    Have park reservations for the 1st for the celebration,planning on going for rope drop and leaving to relax at resort in the afternoon and going back in later in the afternoon,are they going to let us back in without problem or will we have to stay all day and not leave any advice would be...
  6. Grumpy06

    Grocery Delivery

    Can anyone tell us if Garden Grocery is still delivering to resort’s we haven’t been in two years and are staying at SSR in fall for October 1st celebration
  7. Grumpy06

    Disney Character Store orlando

    anyone ever been to the store,s and which one is better than the other if there is one planning a trip in october
  8. Grumpy06

    Aulani 2019

    Planning our first trip in 2020 and looking for advice on the best time of year to go Would like to go when everything is in bloom. Planning on going to Pearl Harbor but would like advice on what else we shouldn’t miss Plan is to stay for 7 or 8 nights and rent a car Thanks
  9. Grumpy06

    Disney Cruise Tipping

    Just got back from a great 7day cruise to the western Caribbean aboard the Fantasy.Service was great from servers to room attendant,did the prepay tips 49.00 each for the head server and room attendant 42.00 for assistant server and 26.00 for matradie Wonderering what the norm is for good...
  10. Grumpy06

    Epcot dissapointment

    paid and went to illuminations desert party tonight and the earth globe did not work Never seen that happen before
  11. Grumpy06

    Haunted mansion

    Was ar mk today and road haunted mansion,seemed like there had been some upgrades in lighting and animatronics. Also at the ghost party the ghost on the end actually gets up on table and blows out candles on cake,also don trembler the other ghost sitting at the table last time in early november
  12. Grumpy06

    Aulani. 2018

    planning a trip for 2018 and wondering when the best time is to go,have read that May is a good time to go weather wise and the tree,s and flowers are in full bloom,can anyone help with our decision
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