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  1. JourneysEnd

    Frozen Ever After - Latest ride news

    As the thread initially started to update the progress on the new Frozen ride in Epcot has become a name-calling discussion on what children should wear costume wise. Anybody have any updates on the Frozen ride? Pictures?
  2. JourneysEnd

    Have Star Wars weekends been cancelled?

    Anybody know anything concrete?
  3. JourneysEnd

    Tickets through Disney Approved Resellers

    Is there one you prefer over another. I'm ready to buy and looking for recommendations. Thanks!
  4. JourneysEnd

    Are you buying tickets now for a trip is 2016?

    Is there any reason not to buy at current prices (multi-day tickets) for a trip later next year? They are good until your first use, correct? #abouttotaketheplunge
  5. JourneysEnd

    BOG ADR question

    A person on FB is having trouble getting an ADR for 3. She can get 2 or 4, but not 3. There's no problem with reserving for 4 and showing up with 3 people, is there?
  6. JourneysEnd

    Why is 7DMT ride so popular?

    It's a fun ride, but such a short ride for so long of wait in line ! Is it because it's new?
  7. JourneysEnd

    Booking ADRs

    how does the system know you're staying on property?
  8. JourneysEnd

    Fast pass+ Different parks same day?

    Can you have one at Epcot and 2 at MK if you have park hopper?
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