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  1. LieutLaww

    Pre-Trip WDW A Solo Story

    So here we go again I am 3 months out from my next trip to WDW. It has been 5 years since the last one so time for a Pre-Trip Report ! The Who, Me, Myself and I The When, 2nd of Oct to 16th for 2 weeks of the Disney Bubble flying with Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow for the first time. The...
  2. LieutLaww

    Artemis Fowl (2019)

  3. LieutLaww

    Clone Wars Saved !

  4. LieutLaww

    Login with Twitter

    I set up my account using Twitter, I am logged in on PC but my Surface Book was formatted recently and now I am unable to login via twitter, I get An error occurred while connecting with Twitter. Please try again later. I have had this since last night and its the same if trying to login via mobile.
  5. LieutLaww

    Ant-Man and The Wasp

    New Trailer
  6. LieutLaww

    Tomb Raider

  7. LieutLaww

    AP Renewal coming soon to MDE

    Just fired up MDE to look at something and a message popped up saying AP renewals were coming soon to the MDE App, just thought I would share :)
  8. LieutLaww

    Pre-Trip Disney The Soloing

    As I hit 63 days till my next Disney Adventure I thought it was time to do a new Pre-Trip Report ! The Who Well as the title suggests it's me @LieutLaww also known as Wayne still in the UK That image looks like the last PTR you did ! Well almost this was from 2015 when I yet again met an...
  9. LieutLaww

    How long for a DLP holiday ?

    So I have been contemplating getting my Disney fix at a place that is much closer to me than the US (I'm in the UK :P) DLP is pretty much a quick Plane or Train ride for me so my main question is how long should I go for, a long weekend so 2 or 3 days ? And should I go for a bit longer so I can...
  10. LieutLaww

    Pre-Trip Disney: The Seconding (solo)

    So as I have about 88 days to go it's time to do my first ever Pre-Trip report ! The title relates to my second trip to Disney while staying there(but will be my actual 4th visit) I previously went in 2012 after an almost 12 year gap in holidays away ! So the who, well just me after being let...
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