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  1. Diesel Dan

    Transportation from FW to WL

    We loved the trail too. We used to bike over to WL from FW in about 15 minutes.
  2. Diesel Dan

    Ft Wilderness - Reserving a cabin AND campsite

    We have done this before. 1100,2100,2000 camping loops. 2200,2300 Cabin Loops are close together. About a 5 minute walk between them. 1100 is the nicest loop. 2000 is mostly tent & small RV sites. 2100 is less private, more open sites. I would request camping in loop 1100 and cabin loop 2200 but...
  3. Diesel Dan

    Large party reservations

    A couple of years ago we had a group of 23 on a trip. We had a lunch reservation at Be Our Guest. I think we had 12 for 12:10 pm and 11 for 12:30pm. We all showed up together and they let us in as one big group. That was when it was Quick Service for lunch. Don't know how it would go for the sit...
  4. Diesel Dan

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    200 days. Just my wife & I. First trip without others tagging along. 7 nights at Pop, 6 day hopper. Already reserved the park days. Plenty of time until we go to see what happens with the Dining Plan, Genie+, Attractions opening & closing. Looking forward to many Margaritas in the Florida Sun!
  5. Diesel Dan


    Bring back the FP+ at 60 days from Res start so you do dining, FP all at once. Give resort guests an hour early entry. Less time looking down at your phone and having your eyes up to see and hear the magic.
  6. Diesel Dan

    Has Magic Kingdom nighttime atmosphere ever been the same since Spectromagic Left?

    Spectromagic was a great parade, wonderful soundtrack. I remember sitting in our campsite at Fort Wilderness after a long day at the parks. We could hear the song so clear coming from MK. Great memory, hopefully see a similar nighttime parade again someday.
  7. Diesel Dan

    Driving from PA to FL this Easter weekend....suggestions ?

    Take route 81 south to Exit 300 in Front Royal Va then Rt 66 East to exit 28 route 17 to Fredericksburg. Pickup Route 95 south to Daytona Beach then route 4 to WDW. Best gas prices will be in Virginia and South Carolina. I take the Route 295 bypass around Richmond and the bypass around...
  8. Diesel Dan

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    6 Days!!!
  9. Diesel Dan

    What is the most over-rated and under-rated restaurants in WDW?

    Overrated - California Grill Underrated - Trails End
  10. Diesel Dan

    Sofa Bed or Air Mattress

    We have brought a Coleman Comfortsmart folding cot ($99 Amazon) for one of our kids to sleep on. The cot has a 2" mattress on it. Pretty comfy. Fold it up and put against the wall during the day. We drive so there is room in the car.
  11. Diesel Dan

    Trip Report **COMPLETED** The Hotter Than Hades Birthday Trip

    Looks like a great trip for some fellow New Yorkers!
  12. Diesel Dan

    Must-Do's at Grand Floridian

    I agree with with Figgy1, the walkway looks like a great place for a stroll both sunrise & for a moonlight walk.
  13. Diesel Dan

    What’s your favorite hidden Mickey?

    Rock N Roller Coaster - the cables on the floor when you meet the band. Great Band, Great Ride!
  14. Diesel Dan

    Am I the only one that liked the Birthday Cake castle?

    My kids were 10 & 8 and loved it. My Wife loved it because they loved it. I then had to love it since they all loved it. Lot of Cake Castle love at the time. Hope they don't bring it back.
  15. Diesel Dan

    Pop or Movies

    We have stayed at both. Mostly POP because we just like it there. We stayed there last year during Presidents week. The Skyliner was a game changer. Was great! We also had a large group 6 rooms & 21 people, good old family trip. The Skyliner is far better than the Buses. I would say it is worth...
  16. Diesel Dan

    Advice on Skyliner WL to Epcot

    I think the bus to DHS sounds the best. If you are not in a hurry the Skyliner is a fun ride. Not really thrilling but a relaxing way to travel. We had a 3 year old on our last trip that said Skyliner was his favorite ride of the week.
  17. Diesel Dan

    Daily housekeeping?

    We stayed at POP for a week in Feb 2020 and chose to opt out of the Housekeeping. We received a $60 gift card. We put our trash outside the door every morning when we left for the parks and asked for new towels daily. They always took the trash, left extra towels and trash bags. We made our own...
  18. Diesel Dan

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    299 Presidents week a couple of days tenting at Ft Wilderness.
  19. Diesel Dan

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    325 We had a great time visiting WDW Presidents week, about a month ago. Planning on going back Presidents week 2021 probably tenting at Ft Wilderness
  20. Diesel Dan

    Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom

    I think Sam was a waiter at 50's Prime Time that told us to wash our hands.
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