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  1. JourneysEnd

    A Theme Park Fan's Thoughts on 'Early Morning Magic'

    We did the EMM in June and found it to be well worth the extra cost. Would do it again.
  2. JourneysEnd

    Can/should/will they fix Kali's splash?

    Where it's not "you may get soaked" but you will be soaked through to the skin. :)
  3. JourneysEnd

    When Fastpass is down.

    Yep, pretty much. Next time it's correct, print it out for safety's sake.
  4. JourneysEnd

    MDE constantly messing up

    They released FP for the new Frozen ride, Soarin, and the new Jungle Book show at AK. Then they changed FP booking from midnight until 7am the next morning. System is still recovering. Did you try logging out and back in? Sometime just give it until the next day. It's a mess right now but...
  5. JourneysEnd

    When Fastpass is down.

    1. Nothing as far as what's already booked. It remains booked. 2. No 3. Always a good idea. The system going down just means you can't change anything until it's back up. Sometimes all your stuff will disappear when the system is down but it shows up again as soon as everything's working.
  6. JourneysEnd

    Southwest Flights Released December Dates

    Southwest releases 6 months in advance only when they're sure of their schedule.
  7. JourneysEnd

    What are the current chances that late park hours are added to the current schedule?

    Those hours have already been changed to 11pm on most days.
  8. JourneysEnd

    Table for 4, but party of 6 at CRT?

    Probably not. Fire code regulations. Small area, small tables and it's all prepaid.
  9. JourneysEnd

    Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride

    I'm hoping June 1st too but I'm betting on June 16th with Soarin.
  10. JourneysEnd

    My Disney Experience App

    Hope you get everything you want. Good luck!
  11. JourneysEnd

    My Disney Experience App

    FP or ADR? ADRs are 6am not midnight. FP is midnight.
  12. JourneysEnd

    Disney After Hours Event

    The people that bought tickets for last night are saying it was worth the price. Walk on at every ride and all the Mickey bars you could eat.
  13. JourneysEnd

    Soarin' Expansion and new Soarin' Around the World film

    Agreed. I'm bringing two people who have never been to EPCOT. They don't care what film is showing. To be honest I've been several times and I wouldn't know the difference.
  14. JourneysEnd

    POFQ preferred room vs pool view

    I was wondering where that was coming from. I'm booked at POFQ and I only had the options you show. Building 4 for example has both standard and garden rooms.
  15. JourneysEnd

    Really Bothered at Star Tours

    Those seconds and thirds at communion could be the reason for the swinging from chandeliers. . . just saying.;)
  16. JourneysEnd

    Fast Pass in fantasyland?

    Hopefully, but we don't know that yet. Big chance to take with wait time on 7DMT in June unless you can't get a FP.
  17. JourneysEnd

    Fast Pass in fantasyland?

    Remember the new Early Morning ticket is on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Only people with those tickets will be able to ride or get in line until 9am. There will probably already be a line from the early morning guests. I would get a FP myself.
  18. JourneysEnd

    UK Fast pass+ help

    Are you staying at a Disney resort?
  19. JourneysEnd

    our first visit was ruined by this disgusting cleaning

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