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  1. JediMasterMatt

    Epcot Toll Plaza

    I'm not so sure of that... EPCOT Center's ship has certainly long since set sail. The toll plaza out front should've told ya.
  2. JediMasterMatt

    Former VP Details Original Star Wars Land Plans

    I'm really busy with work (pandemic response challenges at work) ; but, I just had a friend email me with questions about this article. I'll eventually try to put things into perspective; but, take my word on the following: - this article is based on the very early days after the Lucasfilm...
  3. JediMasterMatt

    Worst Street Shows

    Probably the guy with the cockatoo that's always loitering around the Harbor property entrance every night. It isn't much of a show unless you are a big fan of catching avian related germs and having to step through the mess it leaves on the ground. Either that or the afore mentioned High...
  4. JediMasterMatt

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    If they wanted to go that route, they could just call it for what is is: Illuminations: Reflections of Marketing Decisions I'm still excited for this show as it will be technical very impressive. It's just going to be in the wrong park; but, then again - it's unfortunately going to be in the...
  5. JediMasterMatt

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    You are welcome and had good questions that I think needed covering again because information on this attraction goes back years and a lot of ground has been covered and a lot of conflicting information is out there. As much as many of us would love to have modern versions of 1980's EPCOT...
  6. JediMasterMatt

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Internally, they feared less RVs and less uptime and were surprised they could push capacity up as high as it has been. They even feared days when it wouldn't be operational at all. It's possible that may still happen if maintenance needs more time than what they are being provided after...
  7. JediMasterMatt

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Phew... there's a lot of things flying around in this thread. I'll bite on clarifying the one thing that is actually on topic - the ride itself. So, the en vogue discussion is how is the ride actually performing? Reality is that is performing better than people feared, not as well as it...
  8. JediMasterMatt

    What Defined the Decade at WDW?

    The continued acceleration of the devaluation of the Disney Parks difference. Unfortunately, the guest's burden has been spending more for less and less in return. Quality, experiences, value all declined rapidly the past decade. The most glaring thing to me has been how much more time...
  9. JediMasterMatt

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Everyone is way too harsh on this ride. It's so meta that the "ending" of this brilliant attraction hypes up your arrival at the infamous "party" that has been constantly referred to throughout the "experience". While it is easy to find some of the less intellectually inclined to be...
  10. JediMasterMatt

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    A perfect example of this is to watch the guest behavior in the shuttle. Like cattle, theme park guests have been conditioned over the years that if you enter into a room via door A and there is a door B - that is were you will be exiting. Not only does a repeat rider get the satisfaction of...
  11. JediMasterMatt

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    I wanted to pop into the thread and say it was a treat last week to read all of the feedback while we were in Orlando. Hopefully, the ride lived up to everyone's expectations. It was hard to not share everything (which I couldn't and wouldn't); but, also not say too much in the fear that an...
  12. JediMasterMatt

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Everyone involved has been pleasantly surprised how things have been improving. They've found a sweet spot with the number of RVs in play and that keeps the more software related issues in check. These were the things that were causing the frequent 45 minute or so resets in the first few days...
  13. JediMasterMatt

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    You mean you aren't surprised that they don't want to built queues that can house 6,000+ people for multiple hours, if the plan is to eventually turn FP loose on these lines? While the standby lines on these new attractions may eventually hold multiple hours of people, ops intent is that you...
  14. JediMasterMatt

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Yeah, whatever happened to that guy? Answer - he was asked nicely to stop talking. I'm still here. Just keeping my promises to my friends. My thoughts are very much in line with what everyone else has shared. I've been to GE (both coasts) a few times. Been up to the destroyer once...
  15. JediMasterMatt

    Photopass Tripod Light

    Hint: it's not a specialized photography/tripod device. They use a patio umbrella light...
  16. JediMasterMatt

    News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Historical Construction/Impressions

    I'm trying to confirm; but, best I can tell - the news from yesterday isn't really a delay as much as it is an acceleration for part of the plan. Granted, my sources are primarily in the Lucasfilm side of the project and at this point the project is mostly in the Parks side of the house. If...
  17. JediMasterMatt

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Repurposing a meme I once read... Any T-shirt is sleeveless if you are brave enough.
  18. JediMasterMatt

    Universal Studios Florida vs Islands of Adventure

    I don't know... it's close. "Yer the most reliable form of transportation these days Harry... er, Joe. " For all of those that keep wanting Potter-swatters at WDW... be careful of what you wish for. You don't want to swat Joe when he's just trying to get you back to the TTC late at night...
  19. JediMasterMatt

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Analogy time: frog hopper>Alcatraz>>>ToT>Intamin giant drop>Larson drop towers For those that haven't been on a frog hopper, think of this kind of like FoP's "drop" mechanism. Just enough to catch your tummy; but, not enough to get you or the RV out of control. Here it is just used for the...
  20. JediMasterMatt

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I would love for the original Tomorrowland Disneyland pitch artwork to surface... just to be able to read all of the fan community backlash. Toontown would be neat to see as well. It would've had a much more undercover and wouldn't have been as majestic as what we're ending up with.
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