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  1. JediMasterMatt

    Tom Staggs - "MagicBand probably won’t come to Disneyland..."

    For those that don't venture into the wild and read WDW News and Rumors, there comes this golden nugget of information that you can file under "The Best News of the Day/Month/Year" category for DLR: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/mymagic-article-from-fast-company-magazine.898234/ "Like...
  2. JediMasterMatt

    One World of Color per night during the summer season?

    Looking at the calendar, it appears that TDA has only got once World of Color per night scheduled. This is a suprising move and one they will hopefully reconsider once peak crowds start hitting on a routine basis. I was always under the impression that the 10:15 WoC served it's purpose of...
  3. JediMasterMatt

    Spaceship Earth - new paint scheme on supports

    Greetings all. A quick update from our trip to the World last week. As of Friday, 01/28, the front left support pillar when looking at Spaceship Earth has lost its paint scheme and is now plain white. The right hand pillar is still with the gold/blue decoration. I noticed this during the...
  4. JediMasterMatt

    Firework Fantasy - Holiday Wish 2009

    Magic. Disney World is about finding the very heart of magic. My most recent trip to the world started me thinking about using a bit of magic to create a photo full of Firework Fantasy that only exists in my minds eye. The photo pictured here is just one of those Firework Fantasy photos I had in...
  5. JediMasterMatt

    Capturing the Blue Fairy

    Greetings everyone. I'm back online after a very long absence. It's taken much longer than I originally anticipated going through all of my pictures and getting them ready for online publishing. That pesky real world kept getting in the way. But finally after six months, they are now ready...
  6. JediMasterMatt

    Wishes! and Illuminations in same night

    Greetings, When Wishes! and Illuminations are an hour apart (8:00pm - 9:00pm) has anyone ever done the double dip? When we're going in February, I can't imagine getting to both will be a problem; but, I'm interested in anyone's experience in making the journey. *I may be brave enough to...
  7. JediMasterMatt

    “Well I’ll be… it’s the Blue Fairy!”

    Greetings everyone, this is my first new post on this site although I’ve been a long time lurker. This site is one of two that have factored heavily in my wife and me planning several Disney vacations and staying on top of the latest news. I’ve finally felt like it was time to give back...
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