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  1. DarthGrady

    Just back from EPCOT Center, a quick report:

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a quick report from my visit to EC yesterday: Food and Wine is in full swing and the whole park was packed, especially WS. Mostly the same as previous years, overpriced samples of food and shot glasses of beer/wine. I got one last ride on Maelstrom, it was...
  2. DarthGrady

    UGH! Two breakdowns in one day at MK!

    Just got home from MK, fairly interesting day at the World. Crowds were light, which was very nice. We never waited longer than 20 minutes for anything. Overall we had a good time, but there were a couple of issues. First was the 15 minute breakdown on HM. I like Grim Grinning Ghosts as much...
  3. DarthGrady

    I was a day late and a dollar short, but EO still ruled!!!

    I recall posting a thread on here last year right after we lost MJ asking if Disney would bring back Captain EO as a tribute. I'm sure you all understand how exciting it was when they announced this would be the case. As a fan of all things old school EPCOT Center I was thrilled, and vowed to be...
  4. DarthGrady

    WDW fan about to try DL, need help.

    Hey folks. I am a lifelong Floridian and as such have only ever visited WDW. Well, the wife and I are taking a trip out to California next year, and we are going to make the pilgrimage to DL. Anyone out there that has been to both parks have any tips or advice? What are the differences? Should...
  5. DarthGrady

    SSE Irons Version Soundtrack?

    Does anyone know where to find the soundtrack by itself, like in an mp3 format. The next time I go to EPCOT I want to listen to it over headphones. I hope that it will mostly drown out the Dench Stench audio. I know it won't match up with the new 60s and 70s scenes, but thats ok. I just can't...
  6. DarthGrady

    A Captain EO revival to honor M.J.?

    It is my humble opinion the there should be some sort of Captain EO re-screening at EPCOT to honor the memory of Michael Jackson. I think it would be well attended since it features the time in Michael's career that a lot of people want to remember! Personally I prefer to think about how great...
  7. DarthGrady

    Old Epcot icon?

    The other day I saw a little icon on an Epcot wallpaper. It appears along with the old icons form future world pavillions. It looks like SSE's, but its got a little stick man in it. I haven't seen it before, does anyone know what it is?
  8. DarthGrady

    Guest Relations saves the day!

    Disney guest relations has always had a pretty good reputation, this we know. Up until this past weekend I had never actually confirmed this, as I have never had reason to visit them. The backstory is that we visited Magic Kingdom on Saturday, and planned to visit the Studios on Sunday. Once...
  9. DarthGrady

    EPCOT fans: Just took unDISCOVERed Future World tour!

    I just got back from EPCOT Center today, and took the Undiscovered Future World tour. I wanted to thank everyone that shared their stories and info. in regards to this tour on one of my past threads. I am very glad we decided to book it. Here is a brief overview: There was only four of us, so...
  10. DarthGrady

    EPCOT behind the scenes tour

    Hello everyone. My soon-to-be wife and I are going to spend another weekend at WDW next month as part of our honeymoon. We are planning to take the Future World behind the scenes tour. I have a couple of questions for you all that I wasn't able to get a definite answer for from the lady we...
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