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  1. Janir

    Garden Grill or Coral Reef

    Garden Grill. Food was better and character meal. One of the best character meals IMHO. You get to see Chip/Dale/Mickey/+ multiple times at your table setting and for bit longer periods, and due to the round nature of the rotating restaurant, its not loud from other guests and it feels more...
  2. Janir

    Remnants of former attractions

    Had my wedding reception there. Disney Wedding photography got us some cool pictures using that sign. The lightsabers in the pic were used in the ceremony as a Unity lightsabers vs unity candles. ( Darth Maul dual ended sabers were screwed into one big "unity" saber. :P )
  3. Janir

    Remnants of former attractions

    OK, I can say that was the first time I've ever purposely watched a video of a men's room in my life...
  4. Janir

    Man Arrested for Allegedly Groping a Face Character in WDW

    Battery is the actual contact with another person. Assault is the "threatening action" of a battery. Someone punches you while you see it coming, that's assault and battery. Same person punches you from behind and you didn't see if coming, that's just battery.
  5. Janir

    Man Arrested for Allegedly Groping a Face Character in WDW

    Exactly. I've done a fair number of character meet n greets as an adult and at no time does it even cross my mind that initiating any touching of ANY character is appropriate, face, princess or otherwise. Heck if were doing a princess meet and greet picture the most I'll offer is my arm like a...
  6. Janir

    I hear the Rise of the Resistance opening ceremony is going to be pretty interesting.

    No that would be "Disney World Hyperloop to replace the Skyliner - Funding Secured!"
  7. Janir

    Disneyland changes Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge menu names so that visitors will know what they’re eating - OCR/SCNG

    This only related to Disneyland? They changed them in WDW then changed them BACK with in a week, about 1-2 weeks ago now? I don't have the URL's handy but there was a small window of time they were in English and the star wars names were listed secondary then they changed it back pretty quickly.
  8. Janir

    My thesis is on immersive lands in theme parks, and filling out this survey will help me get data!

    Done. Good luck on your thesis and I hope one day your thesis gets used for designing and planning immersive lands in theme parks
  9. Janir


    Welcome! This is a fun place with some knowledgeable members. I enjoy visiting and wish I could contribute more sometimes. Oh the Walt's head thing really is a joke. They have his whole body under the castle. It's more likely they will be able to revive him and cure him whole vs attaching just...
  10. Janir

    2021 Will Be Telling

    Very true. Was expectations too high for everything they did is now the real question. Did they expect too much out of SWGE? Did they expect too little effect their price increases would have? Etc... Business forecasting is as much playing darts blindfolded as it is massaged (not messaged)...
  11. Janir

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Nah, those are their sleeping blankets. ;)
  12. Janir

    Disneyland to unveil centralized FastPass kiosk for 3 Tomorrowland rides in pilot program - OCR/SCNG

    From the first paragraph of the linked article. Disneyland plans to unveil a new centralized FastPass kiosk for three Tomorrowland rides as part of a pilot program that will let visitors obtain paperless attraction reservations tied to the Anaheim theme park’s mobile app.
  13. Janir

    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    12 people to a gondola and only 6 water packets per gondola. Opening the air vents will be an extra added cost item for the event. ;)
  14. Janir

    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    And how will anyone police that if people take stuff? Maybe a emergency unlock system that its quite visible when the emergency pack is opened, or some cabin light flags on so a CS can tell "cabin 107 had it's emergency supplies opened" when someone gets off then those people can be questioned/...
  15. Janir

    Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Plans

    I'm tending to agree that there won't be any new night time parade. Look at all the special night time parties/events/special ticket things they are already doing that is limiting general admission night time activities. With more nights now being special events and special tickets, whey won't...
  16. Janir

    Busy job hunting... Finding a job is work not getting paid for but you have to keep doing it so...

    Busy job hunting... Finding a job is work not getting paid for but you have to keep doing it so you can eventually get paid work.
  17. Janir

    What if Disney went dry......

    Now try to apply that to all of EPCOT. :( You can't get the word out on drunk person xyz, from say Italy to UK very easily as with in a bar or even a small cluster of bars. You kinda need security at the 'bars' that can identify the bad drunks and immediately escort them out.
  18. Janir

    What if Disney went dry......

    They are in the minority but talked about the most as they cause the majority of the problems. Tipsy or buzzed? Probably not cut them off unless they are crossing the line. In a park its harder to remove them from the premises as its a big park, just removing them form the BaseLine Tap House or...
  19. Janir

    What if Disney went dry......

    I think a pleasure island type of setup would help attract some of the booze hounds that can't hold their drink out of the parks. Disney Springs already has some bar nightlife but more would be helpful. Keep the drink prices cheaper than in the parks and attract those looking to get sloshed to...
  20. Janir

    Post-Check In Activities

    Last trip we spent time bumming around Disney Springs once DME dropped us off. Had lunch , Did the VOID and dinner, pretty low key first day. We have done parks first thing after driving in nearly 24 hours before however.
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