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  1. cindy_k

    Booking Galactic Starcruiser with points

    I called in the afternoon, in hopes of avoiding the morning rush. Took 40 minutes to get a DVC rep to start the process. They look up your wanted date, and confirm that you have the points and borrow what is needed. and take your card for the $95 reservation fee. Then they put you in queue to...
  2. cindy_k

    Epcot Moonlight Magic vs shutdown

    Today was the day to get in the virtual queue for Epcot Moonlight Magic tickets. It has been moved to April 16th. "Registration for all Members has been moved to Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time. Please check back then. Reservations are subject to availability."
  3. cindy_k

    Moonlight Magic confessions... :)

    Who else opens multiple browsers (or browsers on multiple computers) in hopes of getting a better Queue position? I was successful this morning for EPCOT this way.
  4. cindy_k

    DVC "Galactic Gathering" Cancelled

    https://dvcnews.com/index.php/dvc-program/member-benefits/news-66853/4438-galactic-gathering-cancelled Maybe Disney will take this as a sign that you can charge too much? It was $225 a person. 'The Galactic Gathering was to provide members with a buffet dinner, DJ dance party and unique...
  5. cindy_k

    AP Blackout dates lifted August 1st

    Annual Passholder Blockout Dates Lifted for Great Movie Ride and Ellen’s Energy Adventure Farewell http://blogmickey.com/2017/07/annual-passholder-blockout-dates-lifted-great-movie-ride-ellens-energy-adventure-farewell/
  6. cindy_k

    Its HOT!

    Take care if you are touring Disney today. Feels like 108f is nothing to fool around with. Please drink plenty of water and take lots of A/C breaks.
  7. cindy_k

    EPCOT gate trouble?

    Long line to enter Epcot at 5:40pm on Sunday evening. They have only one gate open. All the people approaching are exclaiming the same 'holy !@#%' I did when seeing the line.
  8. cindy_k

    Non-Chain $$ Restaurant Recommendation

    Hi! I have family in town. I live in the Lakeland area, so I don't eat off property by Disney very often, and when I do, I usually just pick a chain restaurant. My visiting family wants to eat dinner at a non-chain restaurant. I have no clue what's good. Any suggestions? Thank you!!
  9. cindy_k

    Sprite Rentals - Which Resort?

    So I am staying at Wilderness Lodge this Memorial Day weekend and want to rent the water sprites and drive around the lake. Wilderness Lodge's marina is closed, so I am going to have to drive over to another resort. So which is better? Poly Grand Floridian or Contemporary Any opinions? :)
  10. cindy_k

    How crowded do you think Disney Springs will be tonight (Good Friday) ?

    Hiya, I was thinking of strolling thru Disney Springs tonight, just for a night out and then remembered its a holiday week/weekend. Last time I was over there at Christmas weekend, I could barely move it was so crowded and it wasn't enjoyable at all. Do you think the crowd levels will be at...
  11. cindy_k

    Annual Pass Renewal(Gold) and no new card, how do we park?

    When I brought my pass certificate to the window at TTC to get my new card / perk booklet etc, and the cast member updated my ticket in the system, made sure my magic bands were linked and gave me a pamphlet with the gold level perks. He said there wasn't a new card, just use my band and my old...
  12. cindy_k

    System Maintenance :(

    I understand needing to take a computer system down for maintenance once in a while but I would think an organization like Disney would make an large effort to have it back up by 6am. (6:10am now, and its still not working) Due to a scheduled maintenance outage, This feature will be unavailable...
  13. cindy_k


    Avenger fans... The Morocco Tangerine cafe in Epcot has Shwarma platters. Enjoy!
  14. cindy_k

    monorail troubles at mk tonight

    We are waiting for the ferry after the fireworks/parade. The cast members are directing everyone to the ferry and buses because the monorails aren't runnng.
  15. cindy_k

    Illuminations - Peace on Earth start

    Does anyone know when they will start playing Peace on Earth at the end of Illuminations? I am staying at WDW the week of Thanksgiving with some relatives from out of state, and it would be cool if they could see that show. Thanks! Cindy
  16. cindy_k

    Special Fireworks for Memorial Day at MK?

    Does anyone know if there will be Special Fireworks on Sat or Sun that have the 360 degree effect for Memorial Day at MK? I see that Monday is a Princess and Pirate Party night. I love the 360 degree fireworks. Thanks in advance!
  17. cindy_k


    Tampa Bay News 10 did a whole segment on them this morning. Yikes!! There goes all the good deals! :ROFLOL:
  18. cindy_k

    Broken Car Windows at EPCOT today.

    I don't know what happened, but I saw at least 2 cars in the parking lot of EPCOT this afternoon and evening with one of their Side windows smashed in. At around 1pm I parked at EPCOT. We were on the left side near the front. When we got out of my car we noticed that there was a Disney...
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