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  1. GeoDonJac34

    What kind of restaurant would you add if you could???

    All you care to enjoy chicken wing buffet like a Quaker steak and Lube.
  2. GeoDonJac34

    Where can I go for positive news?

    Go to YouTube, some of the vloggers are super positive.
  3. GeoDonJac34

    Popcorn Bucket

    Just for the record, I was joking about the bucket. Not really a big popcorn guy anyway.
  4. GeoDonJac34

    Popcorn Bucket

    I remember seeing some old refillable mugs at the resorts years ago. Before the chip. I could never do it, plus I wanted the new merch.
  5. GeoDonJac34

    Favorite Quick Service?

    We ate there twice, I am definitely a fan.
  6. GeoDonJac34

    Favorite Quick Service?

    MK: Pecos DAK: Flame Tree...
  7. GeoDonJac34

    Popcorn Bucket

    I'm going to bring my old La Nouba bucket next trip. Wonder if that would work.
  8. GeoDonJac34

    Banana Splits?

    Danger Island
  9. GeoDonJac34

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    160 days to go. Just booked the flights. First time split stay. 3 days Poly, 5 days Boardwalk. longest stay for us also.
  10. GeoDonJac34

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    I'm in. 193 days. Long way to go.
  11. GeoDonJac34

    brown derby opinions?

    They recently removed the burger from the menu which is a shame. It was one of the best I ever had. We always avoided the place until a couple years ago, during a driving rain storm, we were able to grab an instant reservation. It had become a regular lunch spot. probably not any more.
  12. GeoDonJac34

    Disney Movies

    Personally, I would watch the movies that have a big presence in the parks. maybe Toy Story, Little mermaid, Nemo, BATB. We usually watch these leading up to a trip.
  13. GeoDonJac34

    Which Club Cool Do You Prefer and Why?

    I definitely prefer the old Club for the location and the layout.
  14. GeoDonJac34

    Breakfast? Thoughts on Trattoria Al Forno?

    The Poached eggs might be the best meal that I ever had on property.
  15. GeoDonJac34

    Show Stoppers

    Two of my favorite attractions were down during our last trip, Splash and Everest. Definitely a bummer, but still had a great trip.
  16. GeoDonJac34

    Innoventions Music Removal Watch

    I'll be there this week doing the same.
  17. GeoDonJac34

    Innoventions Music Removal Watch

    Barenaked Ladies would be my choice. The vloggers could change the lyrics to "If I Had a Million Follows". Bad joke, I know.
  18. GeoDonJac34

    New Years 2022

    I'm not saying that their aren't issues with the movie, but they weren't slaves.
  19. GeoDonJac34

    News Disney World's Splash Mountain closing in January 2022 for refurbishment

    Splash and Everest now down for our January trip. Definite bummer.
  20. GeoDonJac34

    Anyone dislike the volggers content?

    A few years back, I used to follow a girl who did dining reviews. Channel was "Eating my Ears. All of her content is completely gone from YouTube. She was using a song from PATF for her intro. I wonder if Disney put a stop to it. Wouldn't be surprised. I love the Dis Unplugged for dining...
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