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  1. GeoDonJac34

    Bluezoo question

    I am thinking about eating here on our next trip in August and have a question about the menus. I see that there is a restaurant menu and a lounge menu and was wondering if you can order from lounge menu at the restaurant. My son and his girlfriend are with us and I think they would prefer...
  2. GeoDonJac34

    Saratoga Springs help

    Hi all, I am looking for advice on a room request for SS. We have stayed here before, each time was at Congress Park. I booked two rooms renting DVC points but in a non preferred room, so Congress Park and The Springs are out. We want to be as close to the walkway to Disney Springs as possible...
  3. GeoDonJac34

    Changes to Kona breakfast

    My apologies if this is posted already, but just saw last night on another sites Youtube channel, that Kona has changed their breakfast menu. they no longer have the Big Kahuna or The Samoan. I am really bummed about The Samoan going away. This was an every trip meal for me.
  4. GeoDonJac34

    Rope Drop Help

    I am looking for some help or strategies for rope drop. We have been to WDW several times, usually for a week during less crowded times, but for this trip we are going for five nights arriving July 9. It will be just me and my son who will turn 18 the day we arrive. We want to maximize our park...
  5. GeoDonJac34

    POP pools

    We are heading down to the World for a week in late August, and I am wondering about the pool hours at POP Century . My guess is it will probably be a little on the warm side that time of year, and swimming will probably be in the plans. I was wondering what time the pools close and if any of...
  6. GeoDonJac34

    WDW in August

    We have been extremely fortunate enough to have been able to go the World every year since 2003, and are planning our next trip now. All of our trips have been in Oct except for one in Nov. We absolutely love going then with F@W, and ETTB concerts. The downside is taking DS out of school for a...
  7. GeoDonJac34

    Adding magic band to MDE

    We were at WDW in November, so we have used the bands in the past. We (Me, DS, DW) have annual passes and bands. On our next trip DS is bringing a friend who will need to purchase a ticket. If we or his Mom go online and purchase a ticket will they just send a magic band? Do I then add him to...
  8. GeoDonJac34

    booking two rooms

    We are in the midst of booking our next trip to the World, and have a few questions. For the first time we are planning on booking two rooms. DS is bringing a friend along. Both boys will be 15. Two years ago he came along and we all stayed in a studio, but DW feels we need a little more space...
  9. GeoDonJac34

    Definitely not my finest moment

    On the first day of our trip last week, DS14 became sick. He had a pretty bad cold that stayed with him the whole trip. On our first morning we had breakfast at Kona. I went to the gift shop to get some medicine and I saw Airborne. I never used, but DW says she heard it worked. I opened up the...
  10. GeoDonJac34


    We just booked a two night stay at a Hampton Inn near PNC Park over Labor Day weekend. Also bought a couple of tickets for a Pirate Game. We have never been to Pittsburgh, so we decided to make the five hour drive west to check it out. To those of you that know the area, what would you suggest...
  11. GeoDonJac34

    Underrated Dining.

    We are in the early stages in planning our nest visit to the World. Probably looking at November. We have tried many restaurants, and will try a few new ones each trip. I am thinking of booking some of the places that I stayed away from because of negative reviews. Like, Big River Grill and...
  12. GeoDonJac34

    Jersey week

    All of our trips to Disney have been in October, which we love, but thinking about changing things up and going in early November. I just put in a request for a week off of work for early November. I was happy to find out I got the week off, but now I find out it is Jersey week. Just wondering...
  13. GeoDonJac34

    Song of the South?

    I have been to WDW a few times, and one of my favorite rides is SM. I know the characters are from the movie Song of the South. Having never seen the film, I tried to get it through Netflix and Amazon, and as many of you know it can not be found. I am wondering, for those who have seen the...
  14. GeoDonJac34

    Studio Room Dilemma

    We are heading down to the World in about three weeks. We rented DVC points, and are staying at SSR in a studio. Since there is only three in our family we have always only needed studios. A few months ago we decided to let DS13 invite a friend which he did and now there is four. We are now...
  15. GeoDonJac34

    MY ADRs

    Finally hit the 180 mark for our Oct 20-27 trip, and reservations are done. Oct. 20 Grand Floridian Cafe. I had lunch here last year and liked it. This time we are trying dinner. I was surprised how empty the place was. It seems like a hidden gem. Oct. 21 My...
  16. GeoDonJac34

    Saratoga Springs

    We just rented DVC points for the first time, going Oct. 20 to 27. It took less than 24 hours to get our room from Davids rental. We got our fourth choice SS. BWV, BC, OKW were not available. So just looking for some info, tips, etc. on SS. Any info would be very appreciated.
  17. GeoDonJac34

    DVC Villa question

    We are planning a trip back to the World in October, and for the first time are considering renting DVC points. We have stayed with family members who belong to DVC, and they rented us rooms at AKL, and Wilderness Lodge. My question is, are there any DVC villas that have two beds. Both of our...
  18. GeoDonJac34

    Disney World calendar help

    Hi all, I am trying to find a monthly calendar for 2012, that is specifically Disney World. I know there are many Disney related calendars, but I am looking for one that is just Disney World. It would be nice if each month were a different park attraction or something like that. Thanks for any help.
  19. GeoDonJac34

    Learned something new

    Just got back from a trip, Oct. 15 to 22. Plan on my first trip report soon, but for now a little story. There were nine in our party, and one morning, my brother in law and I decided to get up a little early, and head to DHS with everyone's KTTW card. We thought we would be the heroes and get...
  20. GeoDonJac34

    KTTW question

    We are heading down to the World on Oct. 15, and I have a question. I just ordered our park hopper tickets because I wanted to get some of the trip paid before we arrive. They just arrived today by Fedex. My question is how will this work when I check in? Will they add my hopper tickets to my...
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