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  1. Brer Oswald

    Princess and the Frog Mini Land in Fantasyland

    I’ve been thinking about this one a lot lately. Instead of destroying one of the greatest attractions ever made and replacing it with something that will inevitably satisfy nobody, what if they created an interior “New Orleans” area in the back area of Fantasyland that contained an original ride...
  2. Brer Oswald

    Favourite Opening Theme/Overture to a Disney Movie?

    From Snow White to present, what is your favourite opening song to a Disney film? I find that the opening tracks are quite underrated, and in many cases, are the best of the entire soundtrack. A great opening theme sets the mood for the entire theme. My two favourites would have to be “Second...
  3. Brer Oswald

    Wonderland and a Second Fantasyland Expansion?

    *sigh*Here I go again with the Fantasyland stuff. Magic Kingdom is quickly becoming one of the most lacklustre castle parks. For decades, it has been inferior to Disneyland. Over time, it appears to be getting less and less appealing, increasing the gap in quality between the two parks, and...
  4. Brer Oswald

    BlueShell: The Miscellaneous Mario Thread

    Super Nintendo World has (unofficially) opened in Universal Japan, and so far, things look great. Despite how wonderful of a job they did, there are definitely things I would’ve done a bit different. Which got me thinking, “why not create a thread to share ideas for Mario Theme Park attractions...
  5. Brer Oswald

    What Do People Use To Create Digital Fireworks?

    Hi. I'm looking for a program to create a digital Fireworks display to mash up with Fantasy in the Sky. I've seen other Armchair Imagineers on these boards do this, so I was wondering, what program do you use?
  6. Brer Oswald

    Underrated Aspects of Disney Attractions

    What’s an aspect of a Disney attraction that you personally find underrated? It could be an effect, a scene, a piece of music. I’ll share mine which inspired me to make this post. Go figure, it comes from Splash Mountain. The transition from the lift hill in the barn to the first interior...
  7. Brer Oswald

    “Insider” who allegedly claims to have “Disney Source” claims “No Sora in Smash”

    Possible “insider” claims that Disney wanted too much for Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Don’t care for Sora, but I thought I’d post it here. What do you think? Is there anyone on here that can comment?
  8. Brer Oswald

    Arbitrary Changes in Dark Rides: The Tigger Plywood

    I’ve always wondered how the Fantasyland Darkrides have changed throughout the years. However, I wasn’t expecting this. I was looking for a POV of the Pooh attraction from 1999. Upon watching the Tigger scene, there appears to be two flat Tigger cutouts where 3 Dimensional Tiggers exist today...
  9. Brer Oswald

    Swiss Village in Fantasyland?

    Fantasyland needs more attractions. The Storybook Circus area was half baked and needs some draw to lead crowds out (when they eventually get bigger again). So I was thinking, maybe they could add a Casey Jr dark ride. Then I thought of an even more elaborate idea. What if they redo the area...
  10. Brer Oswald

    Mine Train Queue Music?

    In my neverending quest to find more Disney Parks music, a question popped in my head after rewatching Disney’s first animated classic. Is the Mine Train Queue Music loose? And if so, where can I find it? It’s some of my favourite Queue music, and it probably is my favourite music they’ve added...
  11. Brer Oswald

    Disneyland ToonTown music?

    I asked a question on the WDW Discussion board, but this one is specific to Disneyland. Is there anywhere I can find the music tracks from Disneyland’s ToonTown? I’m aware a lot of it is on YouTube, but I’m looking for source quality.
  12. Brer Oswald

    Best Place to find Music/Audio from Disneyland and Walt Disney World?

    I’m sure this question has been asked before. What are the safest places online to find Disney Parks audio/music? I’m already aware of Mousebits, however the selection is limited. The Stuff for purchase on iTunes is too basic.
  13. Brer Oswald

    What was the plan for the Small World 50th Update?

    From what I gather around here, Small World was one of the attractions planned to be updated on or around the 50th anniversary. So here’s my question: Is it still planned in some capacity? And if not, what did they plan on adding/changing? The Queue? The facade? The music? (I’d hope not) Was...
  14. Brer Oswald

    Big Brother 22 “All Stars 2” - Discussion and Speculation Thread

    Despite the pandemic, a new Big Brother season MIGHT be upon us. Based on information from various former players, it looks like we’re gearing up for another “All Stars” season. That being said, don’t expect Legends like Dr Will. Thought I’d create a thread to discuss the potential new season...
  15. Brer Oswald

    My Love of the Parks is Dwindling. Not sure what to do.

    For most of my life, Disney has been the thing that keeps me going. I was bullied for it when I was younger, which was hard, but I was committed to the wonderful worlds Walt and his successors created. But it’s become increasingly harder in the past few years. I’ve learned more about the...
  16. Brer Oswald

    “EPCOT”’s New Name

    Well, they can’t keep calling it EPCOT for much longer now can they? They’ll have to change it eventually if it’s to make any sense. So what will they call it? “Disney’s Magical World of Storytelling and Discovery”?
  17. Brer Oswald

    Sonic Themed Land at WDW

    I’ve been playing a lot of Sonic lately, and I’ve been getting some ideas. This could be a cool counter to Universal’s Mushroom Kingdom. Not sure much about the land, but it’d have three rides: Basic Green Hill Zone coaster, for the casuals who don’t really know a lot about Sonic. Would...
  18. Brer Oswald

    Is the Living With the Land Barn Music Lost?

    I was looking up LWTL music, and found the theme that plays in the end. Scrolling through the comments, I read that the theme that plays inside the barn was lost. And when I thought about it, I realized that yes, there doesn’t appear to be any direct rips of that audio. It’s not lost in the...
  19. Brer Oswald

    Any Good Disney Parks/Disney Company History Books to Recommend?

    I’ve read a few, including “Dreamer to Dreamfinder”, “Walt and the Promise of Progress City”, and the two Marty Sklar Books. Any others you guys could recommend?
  20. Brer Oswald

    Are Fast Passes Linked to MDE Account or the actual Ticket?

    This is a question that might confuse people as it pertains to a very specific scenario, but I will try to paint the picture the best I can. Scenario: I have a hard ticket that cannot be attached to my actual Magic Band. I have an MDE account that has this hard ticket as well as a regular 6...
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