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  1. H20Babie

    Disney Character Couture

    Has anyone done this? Any reviews? Looking for something different on my next solo trip and I am staying at Coronado Springs. Thanks!
  2. H20Babie

    Planning for an NBA Game

    The NBA schedule just got released and my son's favorite team (Pacers) is playing the Magic while we are there in November. Is it hard/expensive to get 2 *decent* tickets? How do we get there from Pop, and what would the average travel time be? I've only been to NHL games - how much are the...
  3. H20Babie

    Pop or CBR

    So, I came into a little extra money ... I am currently staying solo at Pop (standard) and can upgrade for $300 to CBR (preferred) last week of this March (28 days today!). I understand both are under some renovations/construction but which would you choose? TIA!
  4. H20Babie

    Afternoon tea at the garden view tea room

    Really quick question, do you prepay or just hold with a credit card? I can't seem to find an answer on the Disney site or in any of the blogs etc. TIA
  5. H20Babie

    Fantasmic! Dessert Party - 180 days out

    Hi there, I am looking at booking the Fanstasmic! Dessert party at the end of March. My 180 days is coming up this weekend and all dates from January 1 onward are greyed out. Does anyone know whether this will be continuing in 2018? Or is there a different ADR timeline for these type of...
  6. H20Babie

    FP+ Selection Timing for First Day

    Hi everyone, I am planning a quickie solo vacay, and arrive at MCO at 12:40 pm, using DME to Pop, and planning to hit MK. What time should I make FastPass+ selections for? I am thinking 5 pm for some breathing room? Or do I need more time? TIA
  7. H20Babie

    Cirque du Soleil acquires Blue Man Group production company

    Couldn't find this when I searched, so thought I would post this here: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/cirque-du-soleil-acquires-blue-man-group-production-company/article35574125/?ref=https://www.theglobeandmail.com&service=mobile
  8. H20Babie

    Pop Century Room Question

    Hey everyone, it's been a while but I'll back in my happy place March 2018 (solo)! I've decided to stay at Pop for this trip, but have one question: I want to be in the back of the 60's or 50's, with a ground floor, lake view. If I book a preferred room, and request ground floor and lake view...
  9. H20Babie

    Gluten Free at Pop?

    Hey there, Does anyone know whether the food court at Pop offer gluten free alternatives (ie waffles, pancakes, bread and buns for burgers/sandwiches, pasta)? Thanks!
  10. H20Babie

    Different Pricing for Different Value Resorts

    Hey there, Anyone know why All Star Movies is priced at $97 per night and the other All Stars and Pop are priced at $113 for the same dates (September 1-8)? Just curious :)
  11. H20Babie

    "Free" Dining Upgrade Question

    Hey all, long time! We're heading down to the World in September 2015 with my my brother's family and our parents. My question is, if we book a value resort with the free quick service dining, can we upgrade to the regular DDP for the cost difference? We're currently booked at CBR and...
  12. H20Babie

    Question - MYW Base

    Hey everyone! Quick question (I'm pretty sure of the answer but want confirmation since I've never done this) ... DS and I received 3-day MYW Base tickets for Christmas. Can we add on one day for the $11-12 each difference between the 3-day and 4-day base tickets and make it a 4-day...
  13. H20Babie

    Fireworks Dessert Party

    I am thinking of booking the Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrance ... something we haven't done yet. Is it worth it? When do dates become available? :wave:
  14. H20Babie

    Winnie the Pooh Newspaper Article - from Winnipeg

    Winnipeg Free Press Disney celebrates Winnie movie at Assiniboine Park By: William Burr FOR Disney, a new animated film about Winnie the Pooh is a return to basics. For Winnipeg, it's a celebration of this city's part of the story. On Saturday, there will be a Winnie-themed Family Fun...
  15. H20Babie

    On Stranger Tides - PG rating okay for 10 year old?

    Hey people ... the new movie here in Canada is rated PG14. If you have seen it, would it be okay for a 10 year old? He has seen the previous 3 movies (along with all the Harry Potter movies, just to give some background) and was just wondering what about this movie makes it a PG14. Thanks
  16. H20Babie

    Ticket Pricing

    My brain is on turkey overload from Easter ... Just looking for corroboration. By my calculations, it is cheaper to get a base or parkhopper ticket and pay for one day at a water park out of pocket, is it not? Using Undercover Tourist and Mousesavers: 6 day base is $241.95. 6 day WPFM...
  17. H20Babie

    Just Booked 2012!!!/Questions about Dolphin?

    Just booked April 1-7, 2012 at the Dolphin (resort view with balcony) with my discount ... for $199 night! That's cheaper than a moderate during the exact same dates! :sohappy::sohappy: So excited, but have some questions I'm hoping a few of you can answer :confused:: 1. Is food at the...
  18. H20Babie

    Qs ddp

    Too much food, or too little? Experiences compared to the regular DDP?
  19. H20Babie

    Your thoughts - CR or moderate

    Just doing some price comparisons and can't decide between the Contemporary (Garden Wing) or a moderate resort. Moderates during our stay will be $224, while the CR GW is $390. Even a standard ar AKL or WL is $390-400 and for that amount, I'd rather be on the monorail. (Just me and DS 10)...
  20. H20Babie

    Going to Orlando but not to Disney?

    Has anyone ever gone to Orlando and not gone to Disney? I am planning next year's vacation (March 24-April 8). The first week we are spending on the beach with my parents. The second week we are spending in Orlando. My DS (10) has said he wants to go to Univeral (first time for him and I...
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