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  1. nicb88

    VGF Expansion/Sales

    I was just curious as to when DVC plan on putting the expanded points on sale for the Big Pine Key conversions. I realise that people have been speculating a lot on other sites but wondered if anyone here knew?
  2. nicb88

    Resort Airline Check In - Connecting

    I think I’ll know the answer already, but I though I would ask the question to get your opinion on it! I will be travelling back to the UK flying via ATL, and wondered whether resort airline check in would be able to process the check in for the international connection as well as the domestic...
  3. nicb88

    Rumor The Wave to become an 'Incredibles Steakhouse'

    Forgive me if this has been dealt with, and if it should be in dining (I couldn't find the rumor title there), but the site that should not be named is suggesting The Wave... of American Flavors at the Contemporary is being considered for conversion to 'The Incredibles Steakhouse'. Any...
  4. nicb88

    D23 Memberships

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place - really not sure where it would go and D23 Expo threads have been here - but I’ve just been reading up that they are no longer allowing international sign ups or renewals to D23 Gold. Does anyone know why? This seems rather short sighted, given the number...
  5. nicb88

    Member Services Welcome Voice

    When contacting Member Services, they've now replaced the male voice that read out the welcome and menu options with a computerised female version. It's not even like Siri/Alexa, just a basic computer voice. It's pretty terrible! I asked when speaking with Member Services and apparently this is...
  6. nicb88

    Oasis Bar/Grill RapidFill

    Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, but does anyone know what time the 'RapidFill' drinks machine opens in the new Oasis Pool area at the Poly? I know the bar and grill open at 11, but I wondered whether the machine was earlier to cater for early swimmers/guests? I do know the machine...
  7. nicb88

    French Fries!

    Hello to all! I'm curious if anyone else has noticed a change in French fries at WDW? My last visit was back in September 2015, and having just arrived here once more I've noticed that the French fries being served are, to me, noticeably different! The fries before had a distinct taste that...
  8. nicb88

    AP Discount/Dining Plans around the Holidays

    Hi! :) I know this will have been covered time and time again but I've looked for the answer I need and am struggling to find it. For that reason, if anyone can direct me to the right forum, please do! I'm traveling to WDW over the holidays, with dates Dec. 16 through 30. I've currently...
  9. nicb88

    A (long) solo trip during the Holidays...

    I'm really posting for some advice. I know many of you are solo trip aficionados, and I'm about to depart on my first Disney World solo experience in early June - very excited! My question, however, lands specifically on the topic of a solo trip over Christmas. Now I want to go to WDW over the...
  10. nicb88

    Necessary ADRs?

    Hi everyone :) We're starting to plan our upcoming vacation to the World and I'm needing some advice regarding ADRs. We're traveling there in September and staying at the Boardwalk for 14 nights. (We're from the UK so a longer vacation is better for us). Anyway... My dad isn't one to enjoy...
  11. nicb88

    Room Upgrades

    Hello all :) I'm travelling to WDW in 10 days time from here in the UK. We're staying at the GF for 14 nights, with a reservation for a garden view room. I'd heard that occasionally people have received upgrades upon check in, and although I know it most likely won't happen, especially at...
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