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    Disney Mickey Lenticular Picture

    I purchased a lenticular poster that is very neat. It only cost $20. I am very happy with my purchase. It is in 3D and it has all of the Mickey's surrounding it. What a deal! It is so very cool! It is from a huge box retailer. I don't work for the company. Thought I'd pass along.
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    Can you put new batteries in Lightsaber if it has gone dead?

    If so, what kind? Where do you put them in lightsaber?
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    Won't Be Attending Disneyworld Expo Again

    I will not be attending the expo again because the last time they had it after spending $500 on tickets they made us park at the Magic Kingdom when the event was held at the contemporary. They did not share this information until 4 days upon arrival. Funny, at other hotels they have parking...
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