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    Imagineering Speculation?

    So it looks like this new division is separate from Imagineering? Barbara Bouza also updated her LinkedIn. She used to be President of Business Ops and Project Delivery but now it shows that she is President of WDI Design and Delivery. (Bob Weis was previously President WDI Design)
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    It was called a bugs life

    Definitely an unusual situation. One that they didn’t immediately get him offstage once he started causing an scene. And second I don’t know if the managers realized he was live streaming because that also isn’t allowed. He is fortunate that the LEO’s were cool and didn’t cite him for not...
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    News Walt Disney World Ambassadors term extended for another year

    “Walt Disney began the Ambassador Program in 1965. At the time, Walt's schedule was overwhelmed with requests for his time and personal appearances. It simply was too much for one man alone to handle so to help solve this problem he decided that he needed to appointment someone to serve as the...
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    What's Still On and What's Now Off

    It is as of now but has nothing do with the closure of WDW. As long as the contractors continue to show up work continues.
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    These were CMs that work for Adventures By Disney division.
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    Police Presence at Epcot Resort Area

    From OCSO Twitter: “Deputies were at the Disney Beach Club Resort in reference to a suspicious person. Someone thought a man had a gun under a jacket. Deputies determined there was no threat. Guests at the resort are safe. We take all threats seriously and will always respond and investigate.”
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    Police Presence at Epcot Resort Area

    It would only be listed as stolen vehicle if they recovered the vehicle or someone reportedly it stolen. They could be searching for a stolen vehicle and come across a suspect (as in this case) who matches the description. This is listed as a “Suspicious Person” call until they can positively...
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    News Chapek FIRED, Iger New CEO

    They combined the two so as to hid the exact Consumer Products numbers. Just like they rolled up Interactive Media into Consumer Products. Makes it easier to avoid talking specifics about consumer products which is a tough industry to be successful in. The Parks have enough margin to absorb it.
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    News Walt Disney Imagineering makes organizational changes and new creative leads at the theme parks

    I’m not sure that “shake-up” is the right word. Kareem Daniels is just being “promoted” while continuing to be groomed to take the chairman role if Chapek get some promoted/leaves. The bigger thing is this Executive Design & Delivery role that’s being added. No doubt a sacrificial role that...
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    Disney names new parks leadership roles

    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/kevin-mayer-disneys-fox-acquisition-new-streaming-service-1169862 He closed the Fox deal according to this article.
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    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    This story is an exaggeration used by the union to negotiate higher wages. Reedy Creek is adequately staffed for the area it covers.
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    News Catherine Powell's position eliminated

    It doesn’t look like it as he is still shown on the DPECP leadership page while Catherine is gone. Michael’s role is slightly different because the Asia parks aren’t controlled directly by Disney. You need someone on the ground to help push through things like expansions, funding, etc and work...
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    News Target coming to Walt Disney World and Disney Store shop-in-shop coming to Target stores

    Dallas is one of the biggest growth markets right now in the country. Also this entire strategy is for Disney to ultimately exit the brick and mortar retail space allowing Target to sell the merchandise without Disney having the expenses of running a store. Having a market with both Disney...
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    Magic kingdom power surge 8/31/19

    If it was truly just a surge and power was restored soon after it’s the result of how fast they can power the rides back up. Dumbo/ Small world are fairly easy while other like the mountains require engineering to go through and power the blocks back up. They may only be 3-4 CM per zone so they...
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    News Major Hurricane Dorian impacts to Walt Disney World 2019

    Well it was suppose to open on Memorial Day before it got delayed. That’s why Kathy Mangum “retired” at the end of last year.
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    News Major Hurricane Dorian impacts to Walt Disney World 2019

    At most will be a tropical storm. With tropical systems there’s no lightning which will allow most outdoor rides to continue operations. Really only the ferry could be closed due to winds if they get that high. So minimal to no impact at all.
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    Rumor Country Bear Jamboree to be Replaced by Toy Story Show?

    Iger, Chapek & Imagineering leadership are all in WDW right now. They were checking SWL yesterday and are scheduled to be at Epcot today. So if a decision would be made it could be this week.
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    News Primeval Whirl at Disney's Animal Kingdom experiencing extended downtime

    The cast is being told this refurbishment will last until at least June 30th.
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    Google Maps/Earth has updated recently for the parks (Nov/Dec 2018)

    Another view is the Orange County Property Appraisers map view. Ocpafl.org It doesn’t give 3-D but updates every year around Feb-Mar
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    Western Way Extension

    Target isn’t expanding right now except in urban areas. Also with the store on 192 so close it wouldn’t make sense.
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