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  1. rshell68

    Trip Report Father's Day and The One Where Our Bubby Turns 30 aka Dude Trip

    June 19-21st Trip: Hubs and I's eldest turns 30 on June 20th. 🤯:arghh::eek: We threw a few destinations out to him (Vegas, New York, etc.) but he said he really just wanted to go to Disney. Its a fairly easy drive usually no more than 2 hours when 75 and 4 aren't crazy and who are we to argue...
  2. rshell68

    Trip Report 3 Day trip and no Parks.....just chillaxing-COMPLETED

    I’m sharing because I know you all will get this….with the loss of a job due to pandemic we had to give up our annual passes. Our last trip to Disney was June 2021. Needless to say, I’M HAVING MISSING DISNEY JITTERS!! I keep mentioning to the Hubs we should just drive the 2 hours over and...
  3. rshell68

    Pre-Trip Oh my goodness we are staying at the Wilderness Lodge!!!!!

    It is going to be a quick trip 5/25-5/28 but the hubs just surprised me and booked us for WL. Dream fulfilled :) 5/25-Leave work (Sarasota) at noon and head over to WDW-meet up with our son (who has the day off) and spend some park time with him before he heads back home (though now that we...
  4. rshell68

    UDA Nationals Feb 5-7

    Daughters high school dance team made it to the UDA Nationals. Yahoo!! We get to go to Disney!!! Do any other forum members have daughters competing??:wave:
  5. rshell68

    Spring Break Trip

    Trip #11-Let the Fun Begin! Well we are headed down for our yearly pilgrimage March 14-21. I sooo can’t wait! We are truly blessed to be able to do a trip every year. (Please keep this in mind when I start to whine..I am really very happy to be going and I know I should put my big girl...
  6. rshell68

    How to get Dining Plan

    Okay, I feel really stupid having to ask this but I just can't wrap my head around it for some reason.... Going to Disney in March. We are going to rent DVC points. We were planning on buying AP's but we want to do the Dining Plan. If I am understaing what I'm reading correctly we have to...
  7. rshell68

    2008 Spring Break Trip

    Okay, so after lurking the Trip Report forums for years I am going to attempt my first ever trip report (please be gentle). I guess this would be a bit of a pre-trip report since we don’t leave until this Friday (that would be 2days 23hours and 55 minutes according to my trip countdown clock on...
  8. rshell68

    Polynesian Mugs

    I always buy the refillable mugs from the resorts we stay at. We are getting to stay at the Poly for this visit (HEEHEE-still giddy). Does anyone have a pic of the current mug style? Just want to see what I'll be getting this time around:sohappy:
  9. rshell68

    Tennis Court usage

    DD has really been bit by the tennis bug. For our trip in March we are staying at the Polynesian are we able to use the courts at the Contemporary or any other resort for that matter?
  10. rshell68

    Ying & Yak in AK

    I was just reading on Allears that the name of the new restaurant in AK is going to be Ying & Yak. I'm sure they mean yak the animal but isn't it strange that a restaurant would have another word for vomit in it's name?! Heehee :wave:
  11. rshell68

    Disney TV Ads

    Okay stupid question here but I'm just very curious. Does Disney only advertise regionally? I live in Illinois and have only seen TV ads for Disney World. I've never seen an ad for Disneyland. Do they only advertise Disneyland in the western part of the US? Just seems to me with Disneyland...
  12. rshell68

    Epcot Doll and Teddy Bear Weekend

    Can anyone fill me in on the events that happen during the Doll and Teddy Bear weekend at Epcot?
  13. rshell68

    Evening Extra Magic Wristbands

    I'm sorry if there is a thread somewhere else but I haven't been able to find one. We will be at the World March 15-19 and will definately be taking advantage of the evening extra magic hours. I know you need to obtain wristbands a few hours before park closing but where are the locations in...
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