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    Four Seasons Starts in December

    Sick!!! Walt must be rolling in his grave!! He bought the florida property to keep out the outside!! Selling land!?? thats is disgusting and appalling!! Pretty soon it will be just like disneyland, everything will be moving in around them, they did this for a quick buck and it is sick!! Just...
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    New Epcot opening procedure?

    I can give two flying flips about cannons! walking just a little ways into future world, getting that little tease before the park opens! And possibly riding in the test car while cast members wave at you! Now that is a truly magical moment and what disney is! I am so beyond frustrated with what...
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    For those worried about a sale of the Disney Parks...

    I don't understand though, with the third quarter results being up, and theme park driving most of the profit, why would disney bail on the parks? Ok so they make one quick sale then what? how would they incorporate there movies into rides? through other parks? or a deal with the new owners...
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    AK updates- Dinosaur and Everest

    And with all of this tragedy in japan and tokyo, disneyland tokyo and disney sea will be closed for 10 days! which means not making money. That leads me to believe that disney as a whole will make even more cuts, and WDW LOVES to do that enough as it is! Pretty soon it will be paper dinosaurs...
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    Universal To start a Huge new project!

    So wesh http://www.wesh.com/themeparks/27188782/detail.html has a story about Universal and new plans that they have coming up! Will this push disney to expand there other Florida parks or do they honestly think they can still sit on there hand while everyone around them including there own...
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    Disney Grad Nites to End

    A sign of the times, and how sad it is. I knew this day would finally come, teenagers don;t want to go to the magic kingdom for grad night. They would rather go to universal or go off on there own and get drunk. This is just one toward disney's fall in the near future. I truly do believe that...
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    Yet Another Bus Crash

    Mears is it's own company and has nothing to do with disney, except for disney having there name on the busses. disney isn't liable for these drivers or the busses.
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    Yet Another Bus Crash

    I think it is unfair to pin this against disney when it is a mears bus. sad to hear about an accident anytime but the news uses disney's name for hits and to me that is sick! as much as you could hate or love disney this one is an unfair blame.
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    Disney Bus Fatally Hits Pedestrian

    Let me start off by saying yes it is a sad situation, but I am here right now having a lovely time. But the people are clueless I was on the bus at down town disney, and people on the pleasure island side were walking in the bus lane!:dazzle: just sprawled out the bus beeped 3 times and they...
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    Need help please!!!

    If this is posted in the wrong place forgive me and feel free to move it.....Ok so i am going to disney with some friends. I am driving down tomorrow and they are flying in thursday. they think there flight will be on time I think not and there seems to be no convincing them to driving down with...
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    Disney Bus Fatally Hits Pedestrian

    maybe the busses need that self breaking system that some cars have. Yes busses are heavier but maybe he wouldn't have been killed just injured. though we don't know the details, it doesn't mean he was a bottom of the barrel driver, it takes allot to stop a bus they are so heavy. I work in...
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    Burbank....we have a problem!

    It is very sad what disney has become. I wish they read these boards, well unfortunately they probably do and just don't care who knows. I have contributed to much disney bashing, I really do love disney but the things they are doing with is truly disgusting. And as fans we really don't know...
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    New DAK Continent?

    Why doesn't Animal kingdom ever get any lovin?? It has been years since everest, and they never even gave the place a new attraction for it's anniversary. So why is it that the park that needs the most help and the most attendance never gets attention?? you would think they would have pumped up...
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    Harry Potter IS making a difference!!

    Oh TDO In all seriousness I know TDO is cheap, but it blows my mind that after flat attendance that they haven't realized you have to spend a little to make a little. I mean come one disneyland can't get everything Where is bob iger in all this? well whatever I use to have much anger toward...
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    Here it goes... Family sues Disney over April accident

    of course. Walt Disney World failed Chase Brubaker and caused his death by neglecting to design a road safe yes because he was the only biker and child to ever use that road it the 30 plus years that camp ground has been open..
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    Disney VS. Ferrari World

    With the opening date of ferrari world rapidly approaching how will it effect disney? this is the ultimate thrill junkie/ car lovers heaven! Plus there will also be plenty of things for families. From new parks being built, to universal and potter land. With everyone around them developing and...
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    New Disney Plans Officially Announced...and it was a BUST!

    Are they giving up on WDW, I don not get why there biggest vacation destination keeps getting stiffed
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    I am really starting to get concerned about the bed bug problem.

    Here is a link of HORROR stories of bed bugs at disney! I have been sending this to everyone I know!! http://www.bedbugregistry.com/hotel/FL/Orlando/Walt-Disney-World-Resort They are basically running flee bag motels for $500 plus a night!! I have no idea how they have not been on the news, or...
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    No mention of Lights of Winter in the 2010 holiday press release

    Which mean less attendance for disney, and more cut backs for disney!
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    No mention of Lights of Winter in the 2010 holiday press release

    I thought disney was all about the people I thought disney always listened to the people? So whats the deal I really do not understand. I mean people are there business! So why are they stiffing us we complain and they stick there noise to us! :mad: it is also very sad at the same time...
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