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    Universal To start a Huge new project!

    So wesh http://www.wesh.com/themeparks/27188782/detail.html has a story about Universal and new plans that they have coming up! Will this push disney to expand there other Florida parks or do they honestly think they can still sit on there hand while everyone around them including there own...
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    Need help please!!!

    If this is posted in the wrong place forgive me and feel free to move it.....Ok so i am going to disney with some friends. I am driving down tomorrow and they are flying in thursday. they think there flight will be on time I think not and there seems to be no convincing them to driving down with...
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    Disney VS. Ferrari World

    With the opening date of ferrari world rapidly approaching how will it effect disney? this is the ultimate thrill junkie/ car lovers heaven! Plus there will also be plenty of things for families. From new parks being built, to universal and potter land. With everyone around them developing and...
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    Disney is dirty and filled with bed bugds!!!!!!!

    Well as if disney isn't already looking bad enough to repeat customers by never building anything and never maintaining anything. Now it seems that they don't clean anymore either!!! They are infested with bed bugs!! Look and read these stories here...
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    why was the WDW airport never built??

    Does anyone know why the airport in the original plans where celebration is never got built??
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    Serious Question!

    Why is TDO so cheap?? Seriously, because I was watching the opening to toy story land in paris and it looks great!! But my question is aren't or weren't they in some debt?? So how come they pumped money to them? Financially WDW I would think is more stable with cash and could certainly afford...
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    Transportation enhancements

    Does the new guy from san francisco have anything to do with the latest transportation moves? http://thedailydisney.com/blog/2010/08/disney-to-create-new-position-for-workers-who-direct-monorail-movements/ Cause there seems to be allot of changes all of the sudden. First the on board computer...
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    Disney and Community

    Disney does so much good for the community and for wild life, so why isn't that ever recognized more often?? http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/ they save animals and give money to the community but thats never in the news?? I understand the news is all about bad publicity for ratings, or...
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    Princesses may not rule fantasy land after all! Frontierland expansion rumor reality?

    Very interesting article from jim hill media! it talks about revising fantasy land! And pay attention to the name guy Jay Rasulo who is no longer in charge of park operations and for good reason! He is the one responsible for all this! Good thing Tom staggs is the new guy in charge, he states...
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    Dear WDW why Golden Oaks!!??!! And stop selling land!!!!

    Ok so I know there are already multiple threads on this, but I have some questions. like what was the real reason for getting rid of two very nice golf courses and SELLING 980 acres!!:eek: Walt didn't buy all that land for TDO to be greedy and just sell it off!!!!:fork: same as for western...
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    Just a thought

    Does anyone ever wonder why disney world gets stiffed for anniversary?? but disneyland gets all these special events?? As Disneyland Celebrates 55, a look back at 50 and 45 Disneyland celebrates its 55th birthday Saturday, July 17th. Here's a look back at some of our coverage of Disneyland's...
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    Room refurb at old key west!

    Well it's not huge news...But it is better than nothing! Anyway pics of a new one bedroom at http://allears.net/acc/g_okw.htm I think it's nice that they updated them enough without changing the true feel of the resort.
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    Yeti update!!!!

    http://screamscape.com/html/wdw_-_animal_kingdom.htm Don't know if this has been posted but some good news on the yeti. And disney manamgement knows they don't have enough to support the full shut down of everest!
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