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    Florida Man arrested for theft of R2-D2 from Walt Disney World Resort

    https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-ne-disney-r2d2-stolen-security-fraud-20220703-ot6h6pffpffy5dwv3fefa5dkei-story.html Suffice to say, he will not be getting the security job
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    Disney Drops 'Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls' Greeting from Magic Kingdom Fireworks Intro

    https://news.yahoo.com/disney-world-seemingly-removed-ladies-140330715.html Hello to dreamers of all ages! A vast improvement in my opinion.
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    Should Disney get rid of the monorails?

    Now that alternative transportation, at a far cheaper cost, exists, perhaps it is time to retire the monorails once and for all. Maintenance, performance, and technical issues are only going to get worse. Is it that important to keep the monorails? How easy would it be to replace them with...
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    News Disney and Fox come to terms -- announcement soon; huge IP acquisition

    http://www.aintitcool.com/node/79072 https://www.newsarama.com/37714-fox-disney-deal-moves-to-legal-stages-report.html Avatar, Planet of the Apes, Alien, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, Die Hard, Transporter, Home Alone, Wimpy Kid, Percy Jackson, Maze Runner franchises now under the Disney...
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    Book FPs for more days than tickets if staying on property?

    We're staying on property for 4 days, but have a 3 day ticket. Can I make FastPass selections for 4 days instead of 3? It looks that way, but I don't want to risk losing any prior FastPass selections (or having one day replaced with another). Basically we would decide when we got there if we...
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    Adding a single day ticket to an account with a three day pass; will I mess up FPs?

    I have both a three day ticket AND a separate single day ticket. Can I link both of these to my MDE account/MagicBand for use during a single visit? How does the MagicBand know which media to use, if the single day ticket happens to be a non-MK one? Will I be able to maintain my FastPasses if I...
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    Adding a third day: Just buy online or wait until we arrive?

    Quick Disney visit coming up; We have 2 day tickets (plus evening tickets to MVMCP) and are thinking about adding a third day. If I just buy extra single day tickets online, will they be added without issue? Or should I wait until after we arrive? Will I get the $20 savings per ticket for adding...
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    Magic Kingdom Daily Opening Ceremony at Park Entrance?

    Does the Magic Kingdom still have the daily opening ceremony at the train station before the park opens each day? Mickey and friends would arrive on the train to welcome you to the Kingdom. If so, how early should one be there to experience it?
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    Best way to reach Disney's Boardwalk area? (no car on site)

    What's the best way to get to the Boardwalk area from Coronado? Do we take the buses to one of the parks, then transfer to one of the Epcot area resort buses? Or I was thinking a bus to the Studios then take either the water taxi or the walkway to the Boardwalk?
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    Upcoming three day trip: Magic Kingdom only? Thoughts?

    Thinking of spending all three days of my upcoming trip exclusively at the Magic Kingdom. Is there enough to do for three whole days? I'm thinking it would give us a lot of casual time to just putz around and take it easy; and (except for SDMT) re-ride what we want again and again. It would...
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    Daybed vs. Double-Sized Sleeper Sofa at Grand Floridian

    I see that Grand Floridian lists two types of extra beds. Is there a major difference? There will be three adults in the room. Does the daybed just pull down and the sleeper sofa actually fold out into a full bed?
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    Transferring FastPasses after transferring park admission to new person

    It turns out one of our party will not be able to vacation with us come November. However, we have found someone else to take their place. I know we can transfer the theme park admission to this new person. If I do so, will the 60-day FastPasses already chosen also transfer?
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    Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios?

    I have three days at the resort coming up soon... Magic Kingdom and Epcot will take up the first two days. I'm deciding which of the other parks makes the most sense for the third day. I'm leaning toward AK, given the new Pandora section and other highlights. However, HS has three of my favorite...
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    Need to shorten resort reservation

    Looks like I'm going to have to shorten my resort reservation from 5 to 4 days. Does anyone know how complicated this is? This won't impact check-in time, just reduce the number of overall days. Will I pay a penalty? How dare life get in the way of my trip....
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    West gate Development

    Some time ago, Disney World announced plans for a retail/lodging development on their western edge.... whatever became of it? is it still a-go?
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    Tomorrowland needs a paint job!

    Just returned from visiitng the World last week... first things first, since I spent a ton of time in the Magic Kingdom... Tomorrowland needs some fresh paint! The back bathroom area was atrocious, and there is peeling paint all over the PeopleMover ride. Quite frankly, Tomorrowland continues...
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    Illuminations ball gone August 6th?

    I'm hearing the Illumiantions "ball" in the middle of the laloon will be gone August 6th for rehab. The hsow will go on, but the ball portion will simply not be utilized. Does anyone know if this is true?...I'm at WDW August 6th.
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    Fantasmic! What's the normal show time?

    I know hours vary, but what's the normal showtime for "Fantasmic!" at MGM? I'm planning the itinerary and noticed MGM closes at 9pm the day I was thinking of going. Is 9pm the normal showtime? Or is it safe to assume there will be no Fantasmic! show that day?? Thanks!
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    Extra Magic Hours: Avoid evening EMH?

    I'm going to WDW soon, and know full well to avoid parks that have MORNING Extra Magic Hours. However, does the same warning apply to the parks concerning EMH in the EVENING? Should I avoid those days, as well..or does it matter when it comes the nightime hours extension? Thanks in advance.
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    Magic Kingdom Opening Ceremony

    I'm going to the World next month, and my sister tells me "NOT" to miss the opening ceremony of the Magic Kingdom. How soon do I have to be at the front gates to watch the opening? She said they stumbled upon it by accident. If it opens at 9am, what time do they do the ceremony?
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