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  1. Darth Sidious

    Iger rumored to extend his term as CEO

    I figured this was relevant to most in here as it was widely speculated on more than a few threads started by @WDW1974 Have a read: https://www.wsj.com/articles/disney-ceo-robert-iger-may-extend-tenure-again-1486377000
  2. Darth Sidious

    Christine McCarthy named CFO

    http://www.marketwatch.com/story/christine-m-mccarthy-named-chief-financial-officer-and-kevin-mayer-named-chief-strategy-officer-of-the-walt-disney-company-2015-06-30 She was previously was Disney's Treasurer. Additionally, Kevin Mayer is the newly created Chief Strategy Officer who will report...
  3. Darth Sidious

    From Wall St to Main St USA

    There is often a negative connotation between the big investors and banks, one at pins some blame of the more lackluster Disney strategies such as NGE and rightfully so. However, working in the business and knowing that investors want growth, something didn't truly add up with this lack of...
  4. Darth Sidious

    Florida sinkhole partially collapses an off property resort

    http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/12/us/florida-resort-sinkhole/ Pretty scary stuff but I believe everyone was okay, which is good.
  5. Darth Sidious

    Disney World on Instagram

    For those of you who enjoy a little look in on WDW, Instagram is a good way to capture a moment on any day. If you don't have an instagram, make one and check out #disneyworld You'll find tons of pictures and now videos each day. I just figured there would be quite a few people here who would...
  6. Darth Sidious

    Innoventions: Stark Expo

    Pretty darn cool... I really wish Disney didn't have such a muddied situation with the rights in WDW. I really do think they could do a fantastic job with Marvel IP. This is just a small taste of Marvel meets Disney Parks and I think they did a great job. I actually took a picture today...
  7. Darth Sidious

    Trip Report (1/7-1/11): TSI Future?, Splash Refurb?, BTMRR Updates? & More!

    After a very early morning flight from JFK to MCO we took the Magical Express to Coronado. I never used the ME bus before and it was actually quite a nice service. Upon arrival I checked in dropped off some carry on items in the room and promptly headed to MK. Upon our return to the room later...
  8. Darth Sidious

    Apple a future sponsor?

    Now it is rumored/hinted at that Apple may be signing a sponsorship with Disney. Speculation is that it would be for Imagination 4.0. I figured rather than dilute threads on other topics with this we could toss around the idea here. What are your thoughts, ideas and wishes? I for one would...
  9. Darth Sidious

    Hidden Oswald in FLE

    I think it's pretty neat that they are doing this for Oswald. I think Walt would be happy to see Oswald around now.
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