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    Islands of Adventure vs Magic Kingdom

    Not sure if the prices are different to US visitors but for us UK visitors a 2 week unlimited park to park Universal Ticket is £350, for Disney it's £450. Although it must be remembered that there are 4 Disney parks and 2 Disney waterparks.
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Maybe the ALL NEW Super-Genie-Extra-Plus-Mega, that everyone should need for only $30 pppd?
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    UK Pavilion - Queen Elizabeth

    With all due respect, you cannot compare the passing of a princess who married into the royal family with the Queen who had given 70 years service.
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    Disney Adults Don’t Care If You Hate Them

    Me and my wife are 50 and we holiday to Orlando 2 or 3 times a year JUST to do the theme parks. We really don't care what other people think....most of it is probably jealousy. I mean, I'd have to question anyone who wouldn't have a blast on rides like FOP, GoGCR,Remy,Soarin,Test...
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    Art of animation buses

    Ain't this true. The skyliner/buses to and from EPcot and HS fro. AOA have been a nightmare. We've ended up just getting Ubers (defeats the object of staying at the resort) One night we walked to the Skyliner between Pop and Art only to find out it was shut. We then walked to the buses and...
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    UK Pavilion - Queen Elizabeth

    Well, we walked through it last night and tonight and nothing, sadly.
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    What will Disney announce for Disney World at the 2022 D23 expo?

    The only muppets are the ones making the announcements.
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    What will Disney announce for Disney World at the 2022 D23 expo?

    Knowing Disney they will probably announce a Genie-Extra-Plus-Mega-Bonus+ .....its a brand new exciting extra that EVERYONE should buy...its like Genie+ but its $50 and you can only make 1 reservation per day, per park. You cant change the time and you have to buy it at 3am....but its truly...
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    News Expedition Everest refurbishment in 2022

    Did that last night and wow...it was like an old 70s rollercoaster....rubbish and rickety
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    UK Pavilion - Queen Elizabeth

    Yep, I'm very disappointed that 'something' couldn't be done. This is not any old queen/king...this is someone who has dedicated 70 years to their country and led the way around the world. Someone of the likes the world will NEVER see again and someone who should be acknowledged. I'm not...
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    UK Pavilion - Queen Elizabeth

    Yeah, I expected something. Yes, I know ow Disney stay away from that sort of thing but it's a pretty big death and a situation that will never happen again.
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    The Great WDW Ranking Podcast

    It's funny isn't it how people have different favourites/worst and different reasons for such. We were talking to an American girl (aged 30- something) in the queue for ROTR who was a huge Orlando theme park regular and I asked what her favourite ride in Orlando was......I almost spat my drink...
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    Late for an important date....

    I meant an hour pst their recommended time to arrive (ie 30 minutes early)
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    Magic Bands or Magic Band +’s for August 6th visit?

    Simple answer....NEITHER! - use your phone. I've had magicbands for years, I buy a new one every year. This year mine broke and initially I was gutted as I enjoy the simplicity of tapping my band for everything. I was going to get a new one the following day but had to use my pone in the...
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    No skyliner at AoA

    Biggest bugbear at the moment is that there is absolutely nowhere (on the app or by asking staff) to find out if the Skyliner is on or not. At AOA/POP it's Skyliner ONLY to HS/EP....Or BUS only if the Skyliner is down. It's been a nightmare when we've been in Epcot...its raining so we assume...
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    News Expedition Everest refurbishment in 2022

    EE is one of my favourite Disney attractions. It has always been relatively smooth, but we went on twice a few days ago and it was positively painful! Very rickety and uncomfortable.
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    UK Pavilion - Queen Elizabeth

    Maybe im far too expectant being a Brit, but I half expected something before the fireworks at Magic Kingdom last night - An announcement, minute silence or even the Union Jack protected on the castle (a lot I know, but this is the USA, the place of dreams!) But there was nothing...infact, I've...
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    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    I dunno...$900 (or £825 to European guests) is a huge amount and definitely a big thing in the holiday decision. Put it this way - our flight and Disney hotel for 10 days was £950 each. Now the unlimited Orlando park ticket is £900 each again....so to add yet another £900 for Genie is most...
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    Islands of Adventure vs Magic Kingdom

    I totally agree...but that wasn't the point I don't think...it was being discussed how many people would refuse to go to Universal under principal that it wasn't Disney. I agree..the age demographic between Universal and Disney is completely different. Yes there's an overlap, but as a whole...
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