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    MuppetVision 2???....

    I agree with someone earlier that stated Disney is a business and the younger generation, including myself, finds this show very boring. My 6 year old daughter looked at me after the show like, "was that it?" I like the muppets but it needs to be updated in a very bad way. What's the...
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    Will There Every Be a 5th Major Park?

    How much longer does Universal have the rights? Disney did buy Marvel for around 4 billion dollars right?
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    Any plans for a big ride?

    Schools here go back 1-4-11
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    Next Disney promo

    Can any mods (Raven) shed any light on this?
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    Anything new for 2011 ?

    The new Haunted Mansion Queue will be complete as well as Star Wars II 3D in DHS
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    Memorial Day crowds

    I am going June 2-8. I am doing Universal first two days and then Disney the next four days. Staying at ASMovies with my wife and 6 year old. Any tips as to what parks which days? Not worried about the weather but really hoping crowds don't get unbearable. I have been at Thanksgiving so how does...
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    Gay Week

    Would someone please shed some light on the first week of June. I had my trip booked before I knew this. Is there a parade, PDA or what? Not trying to be rude or offensive but would like my family trip to be a great experience.
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    July 2011 Hours now available!

    Is there any chance that they will add the EMH at AK later on for summer 2011?
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    Crazy busy here at hollywood studios...

    Yes, schools here let out the 17th
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    Unreleased Fantasyland Expansion Concept Art

    Cant wait for FLE and reviews in April from DL. I know its hard to predict but how much of the expansion do you think will be visible when i go in June 2011?
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    Harry Potter IS making a difference!!

    Huge Disney fan but I can't wait to take the fam to see WWHP in June
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    Upcoming/Rumored Projects

    Crowds With the closing of MTTF, could someone please tell me how much that is going to affect the rest of Magic Kingdom until FLE opens?
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