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  1. DisneyDayDreamer

    Buses to Port Canaveral

    How does taking a bus from one of the Walt Disney World resorts work? This will be our first cruise and I just want to make sure we don't need to line up additional transportation.
  2. DisneyDayDreamer

    Food and Wine

    I am heading to F&W for the first time this year and wanted to know: 1. What can't be missed 2. What we should skip. Thank ya'll for your advice!
  3. DisneyDayDreamer

    DVC Pro and Cons?

    My family is looking into buying into DVC next year. We were wondering based on your own experience what are your pro's and con's of owning. Also, how often do you visit and where do you normally stay?
  4. DisneyDayDreamer

    When to register?

    I want to do the 2018 Wine and Dine Half Weekend. I know 2017's is the first weekend of Nov and is coming up quite quickly. Do you remember when registration opened for 2017's? I'm signed up for emails but don't want to miss registration for next years.
  5. DisneyDayDreamer

    2017 Christmas Taping

    Hey all! I have gotten really lucky and received tickets for the 2017 Christmas tapings in two of the parks. Have any of y'all been before? Any advice would be wonderful!
  6. DisneyDayDreamer

    First ADR?

    Does anyone know what time the first set of dining reservations are at MK? Also, how early do the cast members allow for you to enter the park if you have one of those reservations?
  7. DisneyDayDreamer

    Vegan at Beirgarden

    Hey all! My friend who is vegan will be eating at beirgarden and wanted to prepare for what she could eat before she goes. Any advice on what will be available on the buffet?
  8. DisneyDayDreamer

    Places for large parties to eat?

    I am planning a trip for a party of 19 and they are starting to ask what would be the best places for them to eat. They mentioned Hoop Dee Doo and Beirgarden. Since the party will be on the dining plan what do you suggest for breakfast? Also, the two previously listed places can be changed out!
  9. DisneyDayDreamer

    Stag and Hen party planning HELP!

    Hey all! I am helping plan a conjoined Stag and Hen party of 19 guests for September 2018 and I have a few questions. 1. IYO would the 2 bedroom villas, 3 bedroom villas, or cabins be best for a large party? 2. If they did villas they are unfortunately not DVC would they be able to rent points...
  10. DisneyDayDreamer

    Best time to cruise?

    IYO what time is the best time to cruise? Price and weather wise.
  11. DisneyDayDreamer

    Engagement photos in park?

    Has anyone taken their engagement photos in park at WDW? Did you do an outside company or go through Disney weddings? Also, if you have do you mind posting details (prices, outfits, locations, etc.). TIA!
  12. DisneyDayDreamer

    HELP! 4 Adults and 1 Child

    As you can see by the title we have a big family. Where have you stayed/ is the best option for a party of 4 adults with a child (5 yrs)?
  13. DisneyDayDreamer

    Wild Africa Trek?

    Has anyone ever done the Trek? Did you find it worth the money? What all did you do?
  14. DisneyDayDreamer

    First Time

    I have recently booked a trip for my significant other and I for June 2016. He has never been to WDW before. What are some of your favorite MUST DO's while there? We have a meal plan and park hoppers. Any advice would be grand.
  15. DisneyDayDreamer

    Christmas Parties

    I don't know if this thread has already been posted but are the dates released yet? We are going to WDW December 26-January 2. I just wanted to know when they were and are they worth it?
  16. DisneyDayDreamer

    Christmas time?

    From your experience, how is the weather the week after christmas? My friends and I are getting shirts done and we don't know if we should go long sleeved or 3/4 length. P.S. What would ya'll advise wearing (never gone this time of year)?
  17. DisneyDayDreamer

    Best Drinks on Property

    Hey ya'll we are going to WDW for my friends 21st birthday. She wants to book a dinner reservation the night of her birthday at a place with good drinks. In your opinion which restaurant has the best alcoholic drinks on property?
  18. DisneyDayDreamer

    Beautiful Gardens?

    Throughout WDW I know that they spend large amounts of time on the landscaping. Being that my last trip to WDW was my 11th birthday and I am now 18 It is just a fond memory. I remember this fabulous garden in Epcot. We are headed back to WDW in March and I would like to visit that garden if...
  19. DisneyDayDreamer

    Shades of Green *HELP*

    My boyfriend and I are planning to head to Disney during my Spring Break of 2k14. He is currently serving in the National Guard and is eligible to stay at the Shades of Green hotel. It would only be us two going for a week. I am looking primarily for reviews and personal experiences.
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