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    Imagineer's little something... question.

    As some people may know, when an attraction is closed the imagineers may leave something to remember it by. For example, on the Pooh ride at MK, there is a picture of Mr. Toad hung on the wall (Mr Toad was there before). Across the street was 20,000 Legues under the Sea. If you look above the...
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    Disney Movie Rewards

    Hello, As I am trying to aquire an item from the Disney Movie Rewards site, I am in need of a few more of the codes of which you can get inside Disney DVDs. I live in the United Kingdom, and over here we do not get the codes inside the Disney DVD boxes. The item I am trying to get is something...
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    Location: Jungle Cruise, CM Name: RONDA!

    What a great way to spend my first post here on these boards.. I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to a wonderful lady who goes by the name of Ronda. On our second to last visit to the Magic Kingdom, we boarded the Jungle Cruise. How can you go without going on the Jungle Cruise? We set off, and...
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