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  1. HairyChest

    Mask Mandates Dropping For Disney Transportation?

    Now that mask mandates for public transportation have been struck down, how quickly will we see Disney follow suit and remove the mandates from their transportation on monorails and busses? I think this Friday it will be lifted. Announcement incoming Wednesday or Thursday
  2. HairyChest

    Resort Refillable Mugs Status?

    Are we able to fill up the mugs ourselves now? Any new designs? Will the RFID be an issue if Im doing a split stay at 3 different resorts? Im hoping itll work through out my whole stay at all the resorts.
  3. HairyChest

    Epcot Monorail Online Soon?

    I love staying at the Polynesian and one of the main benefits is the access to the Epcot monorail line. So it’s been disappointing that hasn’t opened yet. However I am hearing the trams are going to be online very soon for theme park parking guests which makes me wonder if the Epcot monorail...
  4. HairyChest

    Vaccinated Out Of State Visitors Now Allowed in CA Theme Parks

    Lets see what happens with reservation availability now. I’m hoping it won’t sell out so I can be offered an annual pass sooner rather than later.
  5. HairyChest


    Did Josh D’amaro just show a real lightsaber?
  6. HairyChest

    Imagineering Speculation?

    👀 Any guesses? Im thinking either Disney making further cuts or responding to Epic Universe with getting people back.
  7. HairyChest

    NBA G League Hotel Takeover?

    It has been announced that the NBA G league will be in the Disney Bubble at the ESPN WWOS. I was just wondering if anyone has information about what hotel(s) they will be staying in so we can know how our trips will be affected? when the NBA was in the world last year, I was not happy with the...
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