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  1. WeirdOne

    Disney's Down Under Resort

    Hey guys, I haven't been around in years, but those years ago, I started a Disney Resort in Australia (way back in 2004), set to open in 2013. Well, then college life and just general stuff happened and I lost interest in Disney and life progressed onwards, but now, I've decided to start over...
  2. WeirdOne

    Christmas Taping Sunday! I'm in it!!

    Hey guys, Long time no post from me. Guess what, yesterday we had our first rehearsal with Walt Disney Entertainment! It was amazing, all 400+ of us. We report to our school at 3:30 AM, then to the Magic Kingdom by 5:00. We have rehearsals until 7:00, when we are fed, then more until the...
  3. WeirdOne

    Help! I think I need it...

    I've been a very long time guys, and I trust you guys like my family. I know you guys probably get sick of these threads, but I need to ask some questions. I think I'm clinically depressed. I get sad for like no reason frequently and I just...I feel like I'm at the end of my rope and like...
  4. WeirdOne

    20th and 25th Anniversary Theme Songs?

    I've searched long and hard for these and now I can't find the lyrics. I'm looking for them to piece something together that I've been working on for a long time. The lyrics would really be appreciated. I believe the 20th Anniversary Theme Song was "Let's Celebrate!", but I could be wrong; and I...
  5. WeirdOne

    Avatar Test...(About Time I Replaced My Old One)

    Here goes nothing...kinda of funny how I finally get a 20th Anniversary avatar and it ends in April or so. - The WeirdOne :D
  6. WeirdOne

    SPECIAL EPCOT25 Preview...

    This is a preview of the fireworks show that will open with the 25th Anniversary of EPCOT. It is called "ImagiNations!" and is like "IllumiNations!" and "Fantasy In The Sky" combined. It's a really great show. The story is that DreamFinder has come (not yet in this preview) and is going...
  7. WeirdOne

    Annual Pass or NOT?!

    Okay, I'm really in a dilemma here. Do I want one or not? DO the advantages outwiegh the bad? Etc. Anyone want to share or help me out here, about 400 bucks is quite much...especially for a 16 year old. - The WeirdOne :D
  8. WeirdOne

    The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

    Okay, now before I post this idea, I have a question for the members? In your opinion, which park is in most need of a spectacular to add to it's entertainment/ride lineup? That way I can better plan where and what kind of budget to work with before I post it. - The WeirdOne :D
  9. WeirdOne

    PICTURE Request Thread...

    Hi members, I guess this will be the official picture request thread. I need a picture of the Tree Of Life at Animal Kingdom at night. Are there any lighting effects on the tree? Like natural colors or something? I know this is probably a rare find since Animal Kingdom closes at 6:00 PM...
  10. WeirdOne

    Happy Birthday...

    Happy 20th Birthday Tokyo Disneyland! Maybe you continue being the "kingdom of Dreams and Magic!" - The WeirdOne :D
  11. WeirdOne

    Entertainment and Attractions...

    First up I'm going to ask about Entertainment. In about a year or two, I'm going to apply for an entertainment job. What's the audition like? Is it easy or hard to get into? I have lots of theater and a bit of dance, but not too good in it. Do you go thru an interview? What do you guys do...
  12. WeirdOne

    Auditioning Tomorrow. So Nervous!

    I am auditioning tomorrow for a play called "Competition Piece" I believe and it's a really funny comedy. I have to have a 1 minute monologue and have to cold read. I'm so nervous and scared that I'm going to mess up even though I know this monologue by heart. The cast is 22 people and I know...
  13. WeirdOne

    Breaking News! Space Shuttle COLUMBIA Confirmed Down!

    Sorry for another thread here, just want people to see this. Open up CNN, they have all the details. Apparently the shuttle lost contact about 9 AM EST and was gone by 9:16 AM EST. Very sad! Very very sad day! - The WeirdOne :(
  14. WeirdOne

    The Down Under Disney Resort

    The Down Under Disney Resort (Updated Jan. 29th) Well, I have decided to start my own Magic Kingdom in nowhere else but Australia, along the Gold Coast. I started this idea with RollerCoaster Tycoon, but alas, I lost the park and my interest died, so I chose to write this out in words. I will...
  15. WeirdOne

    TESTING...Only At Tokyo Disneyland...

    Test...Test...Testity...Test...Test...Test...- The WeirdOne :D P.S. - Do My Avatar And Sig Match The Board Colors Or WHAT?
  16. WeirdOne

    How Do They Do It - OmniMover

    Can anyone explain to me how this type of ride works. How does the belt go around the curves? Is there a motor on the cars themselves? How do they rotate? Anything at all on this system of ride. Thanks So Much! - The WeirdOne :D
  17. WeirdOne

    Sparkle, Shimmer, And BURN. Disneyland Paris' 15th Anniversary Nighttime Spectacular

    Setting The setting for this nighttime spectacular is in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The castle must have a small area for a stage and also must have an area in/near one of the towers for an Audio Animatronic head capable of firework launches. Also, a special fountain area must be built...
  18. WeirdOne

    Pavillion Layout (Renderings Inside)

    Ok, now, since noone has any ideas about how the pavillion will be rendered, here is mine. Enjoy! - The WeirdOne :D P.S. - This Is The First Floor.
  19. WeirdOne

    Jinx Of The Sphinx (Looking For Comments On Small Sample)

    Hey everyone. I have a brand new idea I would like to ask everyone to look at. Please tell me weather I should continue or redesign the idea. Here goes. The PreShow The two big doors open and there your tour guide is. Very old. Yo think to yourself, "GOD this going to be BORING." as...
  20. WeirdOne

    Nine Worlds - A Viking Adventure!

    Hey ya'll. I did this idea. Go here to view it. I'd like you guys to see some of my skills. http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6011 - The WeirdOne :D
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