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  1. llrain

    The American Adventure closing for refurbishment

    interesting timing on this announcement considering the fire and all. Almost seems they are spinning this was a "planned" refurb and not a result of the fire
  2. llrain

    News H2O+ products shutting down???

    eeek, Just read this on Reddit then checked the official H2O+ site and they are shutting down. ANNOUNCEMENT THANK YOU FOR 33 YEARS After 30+ amazing years of innovation, we have made the very difficult decision to retire the brand at the end of the year. Shop your favorites on Amazon while...
  3. llrain

    Connections Cafe and Eatery

    Thankfully sunshine seasons is still in play. I'll stick with the land offerings for counter service thank you. Are they going to say this menu is designed due to feedback from guests like everything else?
  4. llrain

    "Out of the Wild" small shop to close

    I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be dramatic. Its just ironic that these 2 spaces have turned into park benches. There's plenty of already "open/empty space" not occupied by a shop or attraction that could be utilized. No one knows really if this is temporary or permanent and i'd love to revisit...
  5. llrain

    "Out of the Wild" small shop to close

    Love your humor..well done!!!
  6. llrain

    "Out of the Wild" small shop to close

    So this is the way now huh? any small to mid size shop or attraction closing is turned into cheap backyard picnic tables that look totally amateurish. This better not become the trend for such closures. lets keep a tally. Space # 1. Once a qiurky attraction, a cross between a mini roller...
  7. llrain

    "Out of the Wild" small shop to close

    They had alot of animal plush mostly , beverages, the candy packets, animal puzzles and small toys. It was across from the petting zoo basically right outside the doors when you exit the back of the main building. It is basically the same size as the World Traveler shop at the World showcase...
  8. llrain

    "Out of the Wild" small shop to close

    Heard from our very dear friend that works at Out of the Wild shop, located at Rafiki's planet watch, that her store is permanently closing. She has been with the Disney Company for 30+ years and has worked at this shop since 1998. She is an ambassador to the Disney Conservation Fund and alone...
  9. llrain

    Disney hiring tik tok social media content creators

    I had some choice words for tik tok myself but chose to leave them out of my post for fear of the kool-aid drinker backlash..thank you for this..well sais.
  10. llrain

    Disney hiring tik tok social media content creators

    "Disney Is Hiring People to up Its Theme Parks' TikTok Game" https://www.businessinsider.com/disney-parks-hiring-tiktok-social-media-2022-1?amp I get it..Tik tok is the "thing" now but focus hiring on this junk rather than housekeeping, chefs, custodial, drivers, retail amongst other positions...
  11. llrain

    News Disney’s Fiscal Full Year and Q4 2021 Earnings Results Webcast

    this literally happened to us too. Sit down times would appear, a day of, super perfect time for us and by the time i got to the select guests part the time would be gone, within seconds. Then it would spit out another, later time. Ok fine, Ill take it. Then just for ha'ha's i would attempt a...
  12. llrain

    Art Smiths Homecoming walk ups?

    At any given time any given say has there been success at scoring walk up dining here? Tried for the life of us to score reservations for next week...checking daily since 60 days and was shut out so we are going to attempt a random time random day walk up. Crazy idea? Waste of time?
  13. llrain

    Celebration at the Top (Cali Grill)

    Thats pretty much a given but someone with an allergy thinks a little beyond this. This menu is pre-determined that includes shellfish. Not all are shellfish but there are some. Easy enough to know what has shellfish by just reading the menu and not needing a chef to tell me the obvious. What i...
  14. llrain

    Celebration at the Top (Cali Grill)

    How do you guys think they will handle allergies? More specific shellfish
  15. llrain

    Celebration at the Top (Cali Grill)

    what about the non coffee drinkers who would love to have some teas offered..im sure Cali has some top shelf teas they serve there and for such a nice restaurant why on earth are they serving Joffreys coffee...this should be a restaurant that sources some good fair trade coffees
  16. llrain

    Celebration at the Top (Cali Grill)

    If brewed right, Pour over > French press IMO...
  17. llrain

    Celebration at the Top (Cali Grill)

    Not French press ..it better be a pour over for that price
  18. llrain

    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    Am I in the minority here who thinks this emblem is rather boring in the design aspect? So much more the graphic designers could have done
  19. llrain

    Tusker House, Cape May Cafe and more dining returns to Walt Disney World

    The dumbing down of resort theming coming to disney restaurants "family style" offerings? Basic basic basic
  20. llrain

    Hotel room issue - worth asking for a move?

    I know this is an old thread at this point but why does it matter that they are in their room for two hours? Is there some secret time limit we can spend in our rooms or something? Maybe its their 900th trip and can afford the time to just hang in the room. we catch the 1st flight in the...
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