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  1. llrain

    News H2O+ products shutting down???

    eeek, Just read this on Reddit then checked the official H2O+ site and they are shutting down. ANNOUNCEMENT THANK YOU FOR 33 YEARS After 30+ amazing years of innovation, we have made the very difficult decision to retire the brand at the end of the year. Shop your favorites on Amazon while...
  2. llrain

    "Out of the Wild" small shop to close

    Heard from our very dear friend that works at Out of the Wild shop, located at Rafiki's planet watch, that her store is permanently closing. She has been with the Disney Company for 30+ years and has worked at this shop since 1998. She is an ambassador to the Disney Conservation Fund and alone...
  3. llrain

    Disney hiring tik tok social media content creators

    "Disney Is Hiring People to up Its Theme Parks' TikTok Game" https://www.businessinsider.com/disney-parks-hiring-tiktok-social-media-2022-1?amp I get it..Tik tok is the "thing" now but focus hiring on this junk rather than housekeeping, chefs, custodial, drivers, retail amongst other positions...
  4. llrain

    Art Smiths Homecoming walk ups?

    At any given time any given say has there been success at scoring walk up dining here? Tried for the life of us to score reservations for next week...checking daily since 60 days and was shut out so we are going to attempt a random time random day walk up. Crazy idea? Waste of time?
  5. llrain

    Magic bands on cruise line

    Just returned from the dream and just when one would think the cruise line would be safe from bringing in magic bands they were evident on board. It has not yet replaced the kttw card, they are being used for the kids check in at the activities clubs for them, complete with the same mickey...
  6. llrain

    60 days out and here we go

    I literally feel like I am physically working, like a job, to get this trip planned now. Last night we had to call MDE help line twice spending over 30 minutes trying to get a lost AP added to the account that seemed to have disappeared since April's trip. The help line helper said to try...
  7. llrain

    current event

    having dinner a t Jiko. and just had a 5 min conversation with joe Rhode...how awesome he is to meet...no photos ..was star struck...funny though that not a single person here even approached him or prob even knows who he is....
  8. llrain

    A message to Disney Security RE:Boston Incident today

    Dear Disney Security, Over the years you have done a fine job with securing us all as guests entering each and every park and I/we applaud you for that effort. WHen I am in wdw next week each security guard I encounter I will be personally thanking you for your great work, however in the last...
  9. llrain

    epcot 30 merchandise on ebay

    wonder why none of the merchandise is really selling, or if it is the prices are basically the same of what you would have paid at the park. I did see one of those special viynalmation for like 1200.00 asking price...someone wants 99.00 for a t shirt....crazy. but it is nice to see nothing...
  10. llrain

    New Test track vehicle on the loose at MK toda

    was in transport to who knows where...sorry I couldnt get a closer photo but we were walking and it got its green light to go... I did get a few more back and side angle shots off IMGP0740 by sunshinemagnolia, on Flickr
  11. llrain

    11am yacht club incident

    Floor 3 burning smell throughout hallway.no evacuation ..no fire truck on scene however there was 6 police cars...3pm maintenence is running around everywhere
  12. llrain

    h2O products are being phased out

    according to the manager of the grand floridian store and one beach club manager where we are staying .h2o products are starting to be phased out..the grand floridaan we asked in the store cause all the h2o products are on clearance...unknown what is replacing them
  13. llrain

    our seemingly quarterly sueing of Disney

    another prob dumb tourist sueing disney for allowing them to rent a searay boat....How dare disney rent them a boat...god i hate lawyers who take on these stupid money hungry kind of people http://www.orlandosentinel.com/the-daily-disney/os-disney-lawsuit-ferry-crash-20110630,0,6124801.story...
  14. llrain

    Does disney care about this news?

    Could this mean bigger and better expansions for Universal? Or just a name change and the status quo stays? http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/universal-orlando-sold-to-comcast-20110606,0,4638257.story By Jason Garcia, Orlando Sentinel 6:59 p.m. EDT, June 6, 2011 Comcast...
  15. llrain

    Somethings wrong with Illuminations

    Tonight was our 3rd night in a row doing illuminations. We are Illuminations fanatics. I couldnt tell you where or when or the Name of the scene, but theres alot missing from this show since we went last October. Also there are some new colors added with alot taken out. The earth barge...
  16. llrain

    When will star tours preview?

    thoughts? known dates? speculations? Anything? hoping for week 1 of may
  17. llrain

    WESH showing new Fantasyland Expansion photos

    from their chopper i guess Caution. Blurry images!!! What a terrible Photographer they have http://www.wesh.com/slideshow/themeparks/26873494/detail.html
  18. llrain

    Flower and Garden updates. HGTV stars to appear

    HGTV will provide star power for this year's Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, which begins March 2 at Walt Disney World. Designers and landscaping experts including Genevive Gorder, Vern Yip, Ahmed Hassan and John Gidding will make appearances during the 75-day festival. HGTV...
  19. llrain

    Star Tours Soft openings & previews?

    Now that Star Tours is a mere 4ish months away has anyone heard of any hints of soft openings, DVC or Passholder previews? Will be in WDW the first week of May and would love to get a preview ride in
  20. llrain

    What if? A tornadoe hit Lake Buena Vista?

    With the tornado warnings today in the Orlando area one wonders how long do you think it would take to rebuild if one or more of the 4 parks were hit? Or even a resort, or DTD.
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