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  1. AJH219

    News Wishes to be replaced with new 'Happily Ever After' nighttime spectacular

    It really is just a glitch, I'm sure. I have seen IllumiNations before when entire pavilions were lit in popcorn lighting the entire show. Stuff happens.
  2. AJH219

    News Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2018

    It'll still be warm in October but not "incredibly humid." Last year I wore pants as part of my costume to the party and was fine all evening.
  3. AJH219

    Fastpass availibity once at the park

    Its literally the easiest system in the world to use. The problem is people are too lazy to put any effort into it. Download the damn MDX app and go from there. There is no need to run back and forth to kiosk like a loon grabbing them. Sorry but you're not going to convince me the system itself...
  4. AJH219

    Fastpass availibity once at the park

    I have never had any trouble securing day-of FastPasses for my spur of the moment trips to any of the parks. There are people on this site that will claim to their death that its impossible, but unless you're going during peak times, you'll almost always get lucky. It is extremely possible to...
  5. AJH219

    NFL players kneeling...

    It's old news now so I agree. But the past can t stay there
  6. AJH219

    NFL players kneeling...

    Meh I'd rather see this than those other thugs who think protesting is equated to causing riots in cities across America , ruining people's lives. Some irrelevant sports "stars" not standing for the national anthems is whatever to me.
  7. AJH219

    What move by disney is irredeemable or will be irredeemable if it ever happens?

    Let me go ahead and add removing the iconic, inspiring, and epitome of Imagineering perfection: The American Adventure.
  8. AJH219

    News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom

    A real shame the Speedway is staying. Oh well, it can't be AJH's Magic Kingdom :hilarious:
  9. AJH219

    Electric Ocean returning in 2018

    Definitely check it out, its a stellar show!
  10. AJH219

    Rumor New nighttime show at Epcot

    99.99% of guest truly do not care or know what entertainment exists at other parks. And if they do, I’m certain they wouldn’t skip magic kingdom because of differences in said shows.
  11. AJH219

    Seasonal Multi-Day Ticket Pricing Coming Soon

    Sounds like a disaster in the making. So glad I'm a passholder and, for now, don't have to suffer through these backflips and such just to enjoy the parks
  12. AJH219

    Sesame Street Land

    Steel going up, up, up! (8/6/18)
  13. AJH219

    Electric Ocean returning in 2018

    Same here!! I guess I'll have to start visiting that World up the street again ;)
  14. AJH219

    MK Park Hours

    What an interesting argument, I’d love to hear the evidence you have to support such a grand claim.
  15. AJH219

    Electric Ocean returning in 2018

    Say it with me, ICONIC!!! I’m not sure what I’m gonna do every nights after this week lol, minus the last five nights I’ve been at sw nightly lol
  16. AJH219

    Electric Ocean returning in 2018

    They can't even bother doing IGNITE nightly in the summer except during July. This year they extend nightly showings until this week, but after Sunday it goes back to weekends only :( I haven't seen universals show because I don't have an AP for there. And I believe they used to have a...
  17. AJH219

    Electric Ocean returning in 2018

    IGNITE only performs in the summer.
  18. AJH219

    PHOTOS - First look and taste at Chicken Guy! Disney Springs

    Both are mediocre to me when compared to BoJangles
  19. AJH219

    Costumes - where from?

    Check out the new DisneyStyle store at Disney Springs. They have some neat themed t-shirts with various sayings, designs inspired by villains or favorite characters, and some cute head wear.
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