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  1. egg

    Happily Ever After vs. Enchantment

    Just curious what the split is.
  2. egg

    When was Pandora announced?

    Feel free to look it up.
  3. egg

    Searching phrases

    Let’s say I search “Big Blue Box”. And I want results that have that sequence of words in that order. The problem is, I get results that just have those three words in some places somewhere throughout the post. For example, the first result in this case is a MisterPenguin post about the fox...
  4. egg

    Ignore feature could be improved

    Hey Steve @wdwmagic , I used to be adamantly against the ignore feature but I’ve recently begun using it in rare cases. However, it often makes other posts confusing, because someone’s post that’s in reply to a person you have on ignore just appears as a standalone post. I can then scroll to the...
  5. egg

    New Paradise Pier billboard... in DHS

    Not sure if this is thread-worthy, but thought you'd all get a kick out of this. I'm too confused to decide whether to laugh or cry. This is a new billboard on Sunset Blvd in DHS: Thoughts?
  6. egg

    Politics and Social Issues subforum not showing up on drop-down menu

    Hello. As the title says, The Politics and Social Issues subforum doesn't show up on the "Forums" drop-down menu. This is the case on every device and every browser I've tried. Not a huge issue, but unlike my one before, this seems like a simple fix. Thanks again.
  7. egg

    Having issues with search on iPad 4

    Hello. I'm having issues with the search feature. So I search for something, and the page with the search results comes up. But the problem is... a second or two later, the page reloads and the search results go away. I'm left with a big search bar and some drop-down menus under it that won't...
  8. egg

    Drum Circle show

    Here is the drum circle show in Pandora. I haven't seen this posted or discussed. A1 show, in my opinion. Will give my full thoughts later. Yours?
  9. egg

    Shanghai Disneyland introduces paid fastpasses

    This is now two weeks old, but I don't believe it's been mentioned here. Shanghai Disneyland now offers an option to buy fastpasses with money. Here's an article from themeparkinsider.com on the matter: http://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/201703/5499/ Thoughts?
  10. egg

    'TRON Realm' opens at Shanghai Disneyland

    http://thenewswheel.com/tron-realm-chevrolet-digital-challenge-attraction-opens-in-shanghai-disneyland/ This has been open for two weeks now, but I just came across the news and it hasn't been posted on here yet. The article above gives some detail and pictures. And here is a video of it:
  11. egg

    The single rider line

    People misusing the single rider line is one of my biggest pet peeves. The single rider line is only for people who intend to ride alone. It's a great idea for filling up the empty seats caused by odd parties, but some people abuse and/or can't understand it and it drives me nuts. Here's a good...
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