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  1. plutothedoggo

    Cali Grill lounge still first come first serve?

    With the new 50th menu starting, I was wondering if the lounge is still first come first serve like it was before? Also does anyone know if the boats between Wilderness Lodge and Contemporary are running? Thanks!
  2. plutothedoggo

    Contemporary Staircase

    Hey everyone! My wife and I are going to be staying at CR in a few weeks and I have seen some resort tours and walk-through videos that show outside on the overlook deck on the 5th floor near the gift shop (overlooking Magic Kingdom) there is a stair case on each side. On one of the walk through...
  3. plutothedoggo

    Villains After Hours Question - After 1am

    Hello everyone, My wife and I are going one of the VAH events later in June and I know after seeing some videos on YouTube that around 1:20am or so, Maleficent makes her way down Main Street one last time. I'm curious though after that, do you get to stay and hang out to take pictures on Main...
  4. plutothedoggo

    Coronado Springs vs Pop Century

    Hello! So my wife and I are planning our wedding anniversary trip for June 26th through July 2nd and currently we are staying at Pop. We have two After Hour dates within our trip at the beginning and then the next 3 days are other park days with us going in the mid morning through the early...
  5. plutothedoggo

    Does Jiko always have the macaroni and cheese available, even when not on the menu?

    Currently the menu for Jiko (https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/animal-kingdom-lodge/jiko-the-cooking-place/menus/) doesn't have the bowtie macaroni and cheese accompanied with any of the steak dishes... Of course the macaroni is available as an "enhancement", but that is $14 and not sure...
  6. plutothedoggo

    Wondering about going to Sanaa's Lounge before After Hours

    Hello everyone My wife and I are going to DW later in August and on one of the days we are going to Disney After Hours at the MK. Before we head there around 5 we are thinking of going to Sanaa to get the bread service and drinks, but there really isn't any reason to go in the restaurant if...
  7. plutothedoggo

    Howdy Howdy Howdy!

    Hello everyone! I've heard of this forum a while back and never really bit the bullet to join in on the magic until now. I've received a lot of great and helpful information from this site so I decided to join and hopefully pass that along to other folks. My wife and both our families love...
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