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  1. PRNCSAurora

    Sharing memory maker

    I bought memory maker for our upcoming trip (13 days!). It will be my husband, daughter, parents and brother with me. Is there a way to connect it to everyone's band or do I always have to there for the photos to connect to the account?
  2. PRNCSAurora

    FP+ and toddler

    We can start scheduling our fast passes. My daughter will be just under 2 at the time we go so she won't need park admission. I'm assuming this is the same with FP+. For example, we can still schedule FP+ for a character visit for those of us with admission and she can come along. Is this...
  3. PRNCSAurora

    FP+ and Character meet and greet

    I'm traveling down with my almost 2 year old daughter, husband, brother and parents. If I want use a FP+ for a character meet and greet for my daughter, do we all need to do one since we will be waiting with her? Is it possible to just schedule it for her since none of us would actually be...
  4. PRNCSAurora

    Renting a stroller

    We are taking my DD down to Disney for her first trip next summer. She will be 22 months at the time, so a stroller is a must and because there is a good chance she will be taking some naps in the park we want to make sure we take a better stroller than just an umbrella stroller. We have a...
  5. PRNCSAurora

    Booked for August 2014!

    We just booked a 1 week stay for the beginning of August 2014! I will be staying at Art of Animation with my DH, DD (will be almost 2), parents and possibly brother. We booked a Lion King Suite. We are all very excited and can't wait to bring our daughter for her first trip. DH and I will...
  6. PRNCSAurora

    Old Key West

    What can you tell me about it? My family and I are thinking of getting a one room villa for a week in summer 2014. It will be my parents (early 60's), myself (30), my husband (28) and our daughter (20 months). I know nothing more about the resort than what I have read on disneys site. Any...
  7. PRNCSAurora

    Best Planning Book

    When we were planning our Disney trips as children, the biggest memory I have is my father sitting with a bunch of planning books. We are planning to go summer 2014 with my parents, brother, and DD (who will be 18 months at the time). My dad and I are planning together. I was thinking of...
  8. PRNCSAurora

    Advice on when to travel

    My family is beginning to plan our trip for 2014. It will be the first time that I go with my entire family (mom, dad, older brother) since college. It will also be the first time my husband and I get to bring our little girl; depending on when we go she will be between 14-20 months. The...
  9. PRNCSAurora

    Waiting in line not to ride

    I'm doing down to Disney in a few weeks with my parents and my husband. I will be 16 weeks pregnant at the time, so a lot of the big rides will be out for me. I know everyone else will want to ride. Will I be a major pain if I wait in line with them but then not board? I would rather do...
  10. PRNCSAurora

    Can I ride anything at Animal Kingdom?

    My husband, parents and I are doing a mini-trip to Disney the beginning of May. I'm going to be five months pregnant at the time. I know there are plenty of rides in the other parks that I can ride, but are there any at AK or will I be stuck with just the shows?
  11. PRNCSAurora

    UOE and JII closed

    I'm an avid lurker, but I don't remember seeing this information. My parents are down in WDW right now and said that both UOE and JII were closed when they went to Epcot yesterday. Anyone know why? Sorry if this was already talked about; I couldn't find a post.
  12. PRNCSAurora

    Is it worth it?

    I have been thinking of planning a weekend quick trip for my husband and I. We are going through a lot and need to get away. What better place to forget our troubles than Disney? Would it be worth it to fly down on a Thursday night and fly back on a Sunday night?
  13. PRNCSAurora


    Hi everyone, I have been a lurker on this board for a few months now and after spending the afternoon planning a family trip for Christmas 2013 I decided to start an account so I can post. Now all I have to do is keep my self occupied for the next three years until our trip.
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