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    WDW - Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. – My August 2011 Trip Report

    :wave:I'm living proof that you will survive the teenage years!:ROFLOL:They do become human again :Dand will actually ask you for advice on important matters!:cool:We were the parents to 6 charming individuals and were almost there....:rolleyes:, then it happened:hammer:#7, so we still feel your...
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    Scooter Rental Reccomendations

    Try Apple Scooter, less expensive than others and great delivery and service.
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    How Many Days for You... (Part 6)

    :hammer:[55 days if still cancer free at my next appointment! WL here we come (hopefully):sohappy:
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    New Summer Pin Code for AKL and WL

    :( Wish we'd get one, I would love to surprise my son. We've had to cancel 3 trips due to my chemo treatments. praise God, off treatments for the past 2 1/2 months. Would love to go.
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    Trying to make a decision!

    My vote would have to go to Pop as well but both are fine :shrug:
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    Pin Code a poppin'...

    I really hope that's true. I've had to cancel 2 trips this year and will have to cancel the one for April. I've been going through chemo and I'm having a heck of a time :cry: I wpould love to have a code for late spring. My brother is in the hospital now getting ready for surgery. I feel like my...
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    Turkey legs???

    :slurp: Carmel covered popcorn, peanuts and a prize. That's what you get in Cracker Jack!!!):D
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    Dining planning

    I usually decide how many days we will be in the parks first, then I factor in a DTD day and a day that we may be back from the parks early ( Animal Kingdom!) We usually go to each park twice so I'll pick 2 places in or near that park, a DTD place and a resort or two. Then I match the days with...
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    Breakfast for dinner! mmmmmm........

    :confused: i've always wondered why the food courts weren't opened 24 hours a day. I don't mean the cooking stations but at least the self serve section for guests that had arrived late or just needed something to eat.
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    The best of the best in...

    :wave: It's not in the MK but if you take the monorail to the Contemporary resort, the Contempo Cafe has really good sandwiches and salads plus their cupcakes are awesome!
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    Extra Magic Hours New Policy?

    I bought lanyards and the attachable plastic zip envelope( not sure what to call it! Sorry!) They're see through and we put our key in that so that we didn't have to pull it out at every single ride! Works great.
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    Healthy Eating

    :sohappy: The quick service place in the Contemporary Resort has awesome food.A good assortment of sandwiches and salads and awe inspiring cupcakes!!I think it's called Contempo Cafe!Sunshine Seasons in Epcot has a very nice assortment as well. :slurp:
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    Regal Sun Resort?

    Does anyone know if they transport to Universal?
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    need hotel for 2 day stay

    We will be at the World Nov.28- December 5 staying at WL. Air fare is much cheaper if we leave on November 26 instead. Wouldn't mind taking DS to Universal on Sat. the 27. Any ideas for a hotel and how to work out the transportation issues? We will be flying into MCO from Buffalo NY. Thanks...
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    Early Magical Express

    No worries, we've taken them for early flights, no problem!! :D
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    resort mugs

    :wave: They also have an ice tea dispenser which has sveral flavors of tea!!!
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    Where to eat before MNSSHP?

    :sohappy: Don't forget Kona's!:D
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    A very very late trip report...Feb 22 - Mar 8 Honeymoon in the world!

    The news stations in Orlando are brutal aren't they?! My 13 year old son was beside himself the whole week we were there in April! Not all stations in the US are like that!! :lol: Love yor trip report!
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    No car, shuttles from WDW to Universal?

    :confused: Where is the Enterprise on property please?:wave:
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    Anyone ever eaten at 2 or more signatuer restaraunts on DDP?

    We're one of the few who still like the plan :lol: We have a table service meal each night, we only order what we want to eat and don't care if it's the best value for our dollar so to speak. We've found in our case that we always save at least $100.00 by using it,(all totaled) and most of the...
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