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    need hotel for 2 day stay

    We will be at the World Nov.28- December 5 staying at WL. Air fare is much cheaper if we leave on November 26 instead. Wouldn't mind taking DS to Universal on Sat. the 27. Any ideas for a hotel and how to work out the transportation issues? We will be flying into MCO from Buffalo NY. Thanks...
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    ?? on Spectro

    We leave next Saturday and I was wondering if you could see Spectro from the Plaza restaurant. :sohappy:
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    We have our ADR's

    Tammy at Kingdom Kunsultants is great!She is always on top of things and easy to work with!! Try her for your next trip!! here goes... Sat. Sept.26 just counter service when we arrive Sun. Sept 27- B- Crystal Palace D- The Wave Mon. Sept.28 D- The Coral Reef Tues. Sept 29- MNSSHP- D-...
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    Bounce back in Sept.

    We took a bounce back offer for the end of Sept.- beginning of Oct. What is the weather like then? I know it will be hot, but will it be as hot as in August? Same humidity? I hope it is a little better!! Do you still need sweatshirts ect? :shrug::confused::shrug:
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    :brick: I really could use some help here! We have a trip planned for March 1-8. We are paying for another family beside our own and we have recently had a large unexpected medical bill. I'm trying to keep the food costs down this trip but it is also the other families first trip to Disney. We...
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    :eek: We may have to cancel our December trip for a variety of reasons, so sad, was truly looking forward to the trip. Does anyone know if they offer any discounts for March? Thanks so much
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    Disney gift cards

    :xmas:We are going to Disney in Dec. and are unsure about the DDP this time. If I preload a gift card, can we use that in the restaurants that are on site? What about DTD? Thanks for your help. I'd rather not take a ton of cash!!
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    What to wear in December

    :xmas: We are from NY going to WDW for the first time in Dec. What are good options to bring so I don't overpack as usual:o Especially footwear, is it still warm enough for sandals? It will be snowing at home. Thanks for your input!
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    Does anyone else wish?

    Disney has always been our favorite vacation spot,but I have to admit I wish they had a junior dining plan geared toward the 9-13 age group. We will be there in early December and we now have to purchase an adult meal plan for a child who will not eat hardly any of the options. Since we are...
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    What is the weather like?

    This is the first trip in December(8-13)! :sohappy: We were wondering about the weather and what to pack. :xmas: Any suggestions? It will be snowing at home!
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