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  1. kerrie

    refillable mugs???

    I dont know if this was posted yet but i just read this about the refillable mugs http://www.mouseplanet.com/mike/refillable_mugs_policy_changes.htm
  2. kerrie

    Please help

    So i ordered my photopass cd and then recived it. However I in a scatter brained moment lost it now my pictures at somepoint exppired and i can order throught the site. Now i am waiting the photopass customer service to get back to me but is there anyway of getting a copy of that cd re ordered
  3. kerrie

    9/17-9/27 Im back :(

    i seem to be missing some notes on the first few days so as soon as i find that ill post it. but here is what i got so far. Ok so I have my trip report started about the train which the kids loved I enjoyed it. Everything went smoothly we had two roometts which was nice since we separated the...
  4. kerrie

    How Many Days for You...(Part 5)

  5. kerrie

    How Many Days for You...(Part 5)

    12 days :ROFLOL:
  6. kerrie

    Pre trip report 9/18-9/27

    Pre trip report: Ok I might not to get a chance in the next 15 days to do this but here we go. We leave for the Auto train Thursday night. We will get a hotel not far from auto train so we can be there eon time Friday and not have to be up at 5 to do so. When we wake up Friday we will get the...
  7. kerrie

    Stoller advice...

    I know im going to probably be chewed but I have a double wide BOB stroller It Is $$$ how ever it can turn on a dime in any of the diney stores and evan our local mall. It has shocks 5 point harness and if you happen to have another baby has an attachment for car seat. Now I know people are...
  8. kerrie

    I have a Bone to pick

    As a mom of 2 younge children I can see a different side of this. I am very conciderate when pushing my children trying not to hit anyone HOWEVER there are those people and we have all encountered them that see you coming and cut you off causing you to hit a inoccent person or to hit them and...
  9. kerrie

    How Many Days for You...(Part 5)

    whoohooo :sohappy:
  10. kerrie

    The PassWORD is...(word association)

  11. kerrie

    Magical Express and Young Children

    both of my kids are in car seats and i told them they had to sit on their bottoms and sit very still because the bus didnt have straps to keep themsafe. they did pretty good thery are 2 &4
  12. kerrie

    Treehouse Villas???

    I will be staying there in Sept and you all have helped me add one more thing to my list of things to go.. Since im driviing I will be bringing the Citranilla candels for the deck when sitting outside.. I have not fire ones the run off batteries. :)
  13. kerrie

    My son has a question for all 4yrs old

    My kids look at pictures and show them to who ever will look. Then they watch the WDW sing alongs withthe real charaters. they seem to like it. we also go on the boards here and look at trip reports and the pictures of the day pic
  14. kerrie

    Shout out to Parents

    as amom of tow i find this soo funny because your right withjust about everything. an if people without kids a bit more tolorant of the ones with kids it would take that little extra edge off too
  15. kerrie

    Collecting tickets for Mnsshp

    ok i was told when i went in may and picked up my MNSSHP tickets that I could leave them until sept they remine in the system until pick up. but i got mine anyway because i aslo bought a friends and she wanted ers. they are like the regular park tickets not key kard park tickets. the will call...
  16. kerrie

    Disney silly Bandz Found at Walmart

    disney mickey and friends along with tinkerbell and cars are at Hallmark
  17. kerrie

    What are you wearing to MNSSHP

    I am going as a Amy Brown Blue Fairy. kids who knows yet and hubby maybe a pirate or a ghost buster.. Id love to see pics of past costumes and find out what others are wearing
  18. kerrie

    Donald Duck's May 2010 Trip Report

    nice report, Also irked bout standing outside for mousekeeping. In the future doing online check in does not guarantee your room will be ready before check in time I believe 3 or 4:00. it only makes things easier for your packet for arrival and if you leave a cell you can get a call or text for...
  19. kerrie

    Sept. 2010 roll call.........

    Ill be ther the 18-26th are you going to mnsshp? seems like alot of us are going the same week. WHere are you all staying Im AT Treehouse villas at SSR
  20. kerrie

    Best place on property to get pins

    This isnt in disney but my family have found it useful. it tells you things about the pins check it out www.pinpics.com
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