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  1. kerrie

    Please help

    So i ordered my photopass cd and then recived it. However I in a scatter brained moment lost it now my pictures at somepoint exppired and i can order throught the site. Now i am waiting the photopass customer service to get back to me but is there anyway of getting a copy of that cd re ordered
  2. kerrie

    9/17-9/27 Im back :(

    i seem to be missing some notes on the first few days so as soon as i find that ill post it. but here is what i got so far. Ok so I have my trip report started about the train which the kids loved I enjoyed it. Everything went smoothly we had two roometts which was nice since we separated the...
  3. kerrie

    Pre trip report 9/18-9/27

    Pre trip report: Ok I might not to get a chance in the next 15 days to do this but here we go. We leave for the Auto train Thursday night. We will get a hotel not far from auto train so we can be there eon time Friday and not have to be up at 5 to do so. When we wake up Friday we will get the...
  4. kerrie

    What are you wearing to MNSSHP

    I am going as a Amy Brown Blue Fairy. kids who knows yet and hubby maybe a pirate or a ghost buster.. Id love to see pics of past costumes and find out what others are wearing
  5. kerrie

    May21-29th trip report

    5/21 we fly out of ct at 745 land in orlando at 1012 30 min earlier that schedualed. Beautiful skys. Get to ME kids stil have no idea where we are. so my son goes to the cm excuse me where are we. And she goes well your going to see micky mouse. They were shocked since this was a surprise trip...
  6. kerrie

    flying with kids

    so im taking my kids ona plane in two weeks and so many days but im taking my jogger stroller and if you have any advice for the stroller and plane like checking or gate checking
  7. kerrie

    AP discount

    Whats the price for the mnsshp tickets for AP holders
  8. kerrie

    stroller owners

    hello im writing to ll the parents our there. I am a mother of two and I am looking for a double stroller that doesnt squished my kids. and i was wondering if anyone has the bob double stroller. and if they like it. or their opionons of it.kids have space to lay down IE sholders arent moshed
  9. kerrie

    anyone do disney 7 months preggo

    I just found out that i am expecting and I have disney reservations when im going to be about 7 mohts can anyone tell me tricks or ideas of what to expect and how to make it in the heat? any tips suggestions Etc..
  10. kerrie


    Ok its our first time usung this and im not sure what to expect I have read some bad stories. Is there anything anyone can tell me from their experiance? did you check strollers curb side or is it easier at gate? my kids have never been on a plane any tips. I personally hate flying so.. any and...
  11. kerrie

    Space mountian

    ok so when i was in Disney in OCT space mountain was not yet open, how does it look and what about the ride its self.. i only went on space mountain once but i might go on again for hubby
  12. kerrie

    trip report

    ook so ive never done this before so here we go. On September 24 we arrived at the Animal kingdom resort Jumbo house. The room was on the 5th floor which seems to be mostly DVC rooms. It was a beautiful view of the savannah and we saw from out balcony zebra, birds and a type of bull. The room...
  13. kerrie

    part one with PICS

    On September 24 we arrived at the Animal kingdom resort Jumbo house. The room was on the 5th floor which seems to be mostly DVC rooms. It was a beautiful view of the savannah and we saw from out balcony zebra, birds and a type of bull. The room was large for a studio and the fold out couch was...
  14. kerrie

    pre trip report

    cast : me 30, hubby 29, son3 daughter2 We Leave Wednesday at 6pm adn drive off into the sunset to FL from CT:) Thursday 9/24 We arrive late afternoon and check in to our AKL studio for the night then we will get up take a trillion pictures and check out by 10 then heading to BB or typhoon...
  15. kerrie

    Pre trip Report

    Cast Dh 29 me 30 Son 3 Daughter 2 and a set of granparents We are driving from CT and leave 9-23-09 at 7pm which should put us there 9-24 around 1pm (guessing) 9-24 checking in to AKL for one night yeah I knwo why one night because grandparents arent dvc members. and dont have the $$$. ok...
  16. kerrie

    i leave in 18 days

    Ok so i leave in 17 days and i need some advice. Everytime i pack i forget sopmething inportant so i bought doub;es of the tolieteries the last tiime i went shopping and placed them in the luggage (tote) so my question i guess is what might i be forgetting ( that Im not thinkin g of) and one for...
  17. kerrie

    i know I asked before but....

    Ok i asked this before but cant remeber what the answer is. I Am going to disney in sept and I am arriving a day and 1/2 earlier than schedualed but have annual passes so i thought id hit the water park for the first time. My question is this in you ropion which park is better for a 2 and 3 year...
  18. kerrie

    cant make my ressies

    they said im not at 90 day all my tickers say i am when so they guy said im not and have to wait til tomorrow
  19. kerrie

    ressie question

    so im at 91 days can i call tomorrow or do i have to wait till sat or is that just for online ressies if i can call tomorrow i am going to sicne ill be up at 6 if anyone can let me know id really apprecite it THANKS TO ALL:wave: also i am traveling with a family and have a travel with number...
  20. kerrie

    why are adrs 90 days instead of 180

    Why did they change them? I know im impatent so I get that its me but I was courious why they did that? I hope i can get the ones i want i hope . I mean ill take them for the charaters at any time.
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