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  1. Slipknot

    Friendship Boat

    Any Friendship Boat fans out there? I witnessed a delivery of a brand new Friendship Boat this morning (still wrapped up but if you saw it, you'd know what it was) in the Cast parking lot of Epcot (CENTER). Don't know if this is a brand new boat to the fleet or just a replacement for one of the...
  2. Slipknot

    Napa Rose or Steakhouse 55

    Another poll for the regulars/locals.
  3. Slipknot

    Blue Bayou: Lunch or Dinner?

    As the title says.
  4. Slipknot

    Edit a post?

    How do I edit a post. I've looked but can't figure out what I'm missing.
  5. Slipknot

    Gift Card Question

    I just found a gift card I got for the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot here at WDW. If I put funds on this card, can I use it at the parks at Disneyland as well?
  6. Slipknot

    Disneyland yearly refurbs?

    So I'm planning my first Disneyland trip at the end of January 2015. Are there any rides that close yearly, like Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World, around that time? Thanks in advance.
  7. Slipknot

    Edit post error

    I've gotten an error when clicking the edit option under my posts about a time limit of zero being expired. I bit after posting, the edit button is gone. Anyone else or just me?
  8. Slipknot

    West Memphis Three to be freed

    West Memphis Three
  9. Slipknot

    Holiday overlays or the original version...

    for a first time visit? Your opinions, please.
  10. Slipknot

    Best time of year for a first-timer?

    Opinions, please. Summer is not an option. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  11. Slipknot

    No IMAX to DTD?

    I was looking at times for movies at AMC's website and figured I would check if there was a date instead of a TBA for DTDs IMAX. Instead, there is no info about any IMAX coming to DTD. Did I miss something or is this news to others here?
  12. Slipknot

    Haunted Mansion/Nightmare Before Christmas question.

    I've been planning to go to DL in the (hopefully) near future and I have heard different answers to a question I have. So I figured I would ask people who should know the answer best. So the question is: How long does the overlay at the Mansion for the Holidays take and when does it start...
  13. Slipknot

    Last survivor of Titanic passed away.

    She was only 2 months old when Titanic sank... :( http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/05/31/titanic.last.survivor.obit/index.html
  14. Slipknot

    EPCOT music for Inauguration

    So I was watching the Inauguration on ABC (Disney owned, I know) and when they came back from commercial they played some of the music from Illuminations. Anyone else catch this?
  15. Slipknot

    Manta Coster Pics

    Anyone have any pics of the new coaster they are building at Sea World? All I can find are of the cleared area it will take up. I've seen it from the 528 but only glimpses. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Slipknot

    Ghost Hunters. WDW edition.

    So I'm sitting here watching Ghost Hunters and it got me thinking. Where the heck on all of WDW property would you want TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society/Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi) to try and see if it is haunted or not?
  17. Slipknot

    WDW Lightning picture.

    Over a year ago, someone here posted a picture of a really big bolt of lightning with the Contemporary in the background shot from the Poly. I have searched and looked everywhere, even google... Does anyone know what picture I am talking about? Does anyone have this picture so I can see it...
  18. Slipknot

    New Spaceship Earth Info

    This is at a Disney CM site. I could get in trouble, but I wanted to post it. And I know there is another thread but I wanted to start another one with new info so it wouldn't get lost in another thread. I'll miss the current/past ride because I grew up with it but I like what I hear in this...
  19. Slipknot

    Visiting Florida?

    Here's a tip: Don't fart in public after 6pm on a Thursday... It's illegal!!! :lookaroun Any other stupid laws you know about out there???
  20. Slipknot

    Where is it from???

    Ok, it's been racking my brain for almost a year now. There is a song played at the epcot fountain and at D-MGM on Mickey Avenue. I know it is from a movie, but I can't figure out which one. I guess the best way to describe it would be a (music) score during a flying/dogfight scene. Anyone know...
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