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  1. George

    Trip Report George and the family he doesn't deserve trip report, 10/12/19-10/19/19

    So, this is going to take me a while. I would guess 10-14 days. It won't take a while due to the pithiness of my prose or the hours spent looking through wondrous photos. It will take a while because I'm busy. Feel free to post anything you desire in between my posts. So, we drove from Indy to...
  2. George

    D23 predictions and odds

    So...I became a magic member many moons ago because whilst reading about Dizney World on the world wide web I found this place to be the most fun. So, let's have some fun. Back in HS I had a lot of fun running an NFL gambling ring. This would be circa 86/87 so part of the reason I got caught...
  3. George

    DLP, General/specific/good/bad tips/advice desired

    So, we're planning a Euro vacation summer of 2018 complete with a couple of days at DLP. Any general tips or advice would be appreciated. After 10-15 minutes of research...I learned that the main advantage to staying at one of the official Disney hotels was that you got early park admission and...
  4. George

    I wrote this letter about the EPCOT GotG rumor if you're interested....

    I sent this letter to Joe Rohde (email?), Tom Fitzgerald(email), Bob Chapek(snail mail), and George K (snail mail, I came up with this foursome after talking to various message board bigwigs). Each of them had a unique intro paragraph. For the record, e-mails (2) and phone calls (2) I got...
  5. George

    I thought this article was interesting

    http://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/201511/4818/ Deep thoughts anyone?
  6. George

    Thought transferance

    When I think thoughts at my electronic device (say my mobile walkabout pictured below) they don't transfer like they used to. For example, earlier today I thought, "I love that Dora the Explorer/Jack Sparrow mash up thing" at my phone and what appeared was, "I like macaroni and cheese". Though...
  7. George

    NFL, Dragon, Easy way to improve, Deflategate, should Bieber be deported

    My salacious title is only tangentially related to the thread and is naught but an attention getter to get viewing eyeballs from my magic friends. Anyway, without going into too much detail, I'd give the NFL as a whole, a solid B. This got me to thinking, is there anything easy they could do...
  8. George

    First cruise ever in October

    So, my family is taking our first cruise ever in October. I'm a 45 year old man who grew up in Florida and has never been on a cruise of any type. Thus, I am going to occasionally ask for advice from all the seasoned cruisers who post in this here section of the message board. First, is there...
  9. George

    MM+, 10/20-10/26 - Mixed Results

    So....would you believe I am not going to be all positive or all negative about the magic bands? I will tell you the true, un-exaggerated good and bad things that we experienced with one SHOCKING reveal. So, here we go. Our stay was split (Kidani and VWL), so we got sent two sets of...
  10. George

    Blog Flume - What should Disney do with EPCOT

    Just found this article - http://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/201304/3445/ Interesting perspective and a good starting point for a discussion. What would you do with EPCOT if could pick the next course of action?
  11. George

    WDWmagic theme music (similar to but not completely like pro wrestling)

    So in another thread @dreamscometrue mentioned our online personas. Then, I mentioned that reminded of pro wrestling (where everyone has a fake persona) and I wondered what our wdwmagic theme music would be. Since then I've been harassed everywhere I go to create a thread that allows us to pick...
  12. George

    stroller ID advice, works great

    So...you've just exited the Seas with Nemo and Friends and they've moved your stroller...It is somewhere in that giant, ill defined rectangular area that goes back towards LWTL, but specifically where is you stroller? It's got your diaper bag, your camera lens, your box of Cheez Its, your kids...
  13. George

    Very important musings on Captain EO

    I saw EO about 25 times on its first run in EPCOT and twice on its current run. Over the years, I've had many deep thoughts and questions concerning this 17-18 minute masterpiece (in all seriousness, I love the movie and have HUGE nostalgic feelings towards it). Anyhoo, let us commence...
  14. George

    Mind Blowing attractions

    Yo, yo, Disney homeys. I have a two part question for my fellow addicts/weirdos and all the normals out there. I'm curious about two things - 1) IYO - What is the most recent mind blowing attraction that Disney built? HM, Splash, Everest, TLM, etc ....2) What do you think is the "best"...
  15. George

    Living Character Initiative, Any hope for new cool stuff?

    Remember Muppet Mobile Labs? Lucky the Dinosaur? Luxo the Lamp? The flying dragon at Magic Kingdom? The rumor that Electric Mayhem was in development? All these things have two thing in common - they were pretty cool and for various and sundry reasons, it seems as though they won't ever used in...
  16. George

    dining without ressies, week before Christmas

    Hello All. I have a friend who is going to WDW the week before Christmas (12/17-12/25) with a group of 7 and she was wondering how hard it would be to get a sit down meal without reservations. I always have reservations, so I really don't have any idea. My guess is that it's impossible for...
  17. George

    What's Next...Predictions!

    So.....we all discuss what we HOPE or WANT to happen at WDW. However, this is a thread for what we THINK will happen. A kind of put your money where your mouth is kind of place. So..this was in the press release for the D23 gathering in August -"Walt Disney Parks and Resorts will be...
  18. George

    ASJHLJ's (George"s) spring break 2011 trip report

    Our Spring Break 2011 Trip Report So….I’m not very good at doing trip reports. This will be my 3rd out of ten or so opportunities since discovering magic. A 300 batting average gets you into the baseball hall, but it’s not the best for sharing with all the wonderful people in the Disney online...
  19. George

    In before the change, we got 100 at Beach Club

    Yep. Disney waived ROFR! We're soon going to have a 100 points at the Beach Club to go with the 200 Wilderness Lodge. :sohappy: This was our second try btw. At $82/pt. Disney bought. At $85/pt. they let us have 'em.
  20. George

    Important college basketball poll

    So... Many of us have been subjected to Duke's basketball jerseys this season. Are the faded hieroglyphics on them choice 1: merely terrible choice 2: god awful choice 3: weird and distracting choice 4: the worst tank top decision in history Of course, it's hard to argue they're...
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